I still remember the first time I read the Little Prince. A few years back, I managed to borrow a copy of the novel from my cousin and read it in one sitting.  I loved it so much I even considered not giving the book back right after. It was a light read. The stories were simple, and yet infinitely profound. Not to mention the illustrations that accompanied the story were also quite delightful.

While I was doing my research on things to do and places to visit in Seoul, a small Little Prince themed village named “Petite France” popped up in some of the travel blogs that I was reading. Imagine my excitement when I found out that such a place existed! I immediately jotted the place down in my itinerary and a few months later, a friend and I were sitting in a bus, waiting to get dropped off at Petite France.

Petite France was a project of a CEO of a major construction company who also happens to have a love and passion for France and for Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s books. He loved the Little Prince in particular, and focused the little French village he created on Saint-Exupery’s world-renowned book.

True to French style architecture, the houses inside Petite France were constructed with vivid terracotta roof tiles, their walls painted with bright pastel colors, the dark wooden planks visible from the outside. They even had a village circle complete with a small water fountain and cobblestone steps!

Some of the buildings were turned into museums about French culture, like paintings, music, furniture, and so on. There was also a gallery dedicated to the life and works of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The museum also contained copies of some of the original artworks used in the book. They even had a glass bookcase containing all of the translated version of the Little Prince!

Fans of the book will also rejoice in knowing that they had also built little monuments and statues of the various characters from the Little Prince around Petite France. Some of my favorite ones from my visit were the sculpture of the Little Prince tending to his volcanoes and the one where he flies away from his home planet using a flock of birds.

Aside from the sculptures, there were also several murals about the Little Prince around the village. Inside Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s gallery was a huge mural dedicated to the Little Prince’s warning about the baobab trees. The whole wall was painted a vivid cerulean blue, making the pastel yellow of the stars and the baby green color of the baobab stand out more.

I’m putting it down on my life bucket list to get a Little Prince mural. With just a few buckets of architectural paint and a whole lot of drawing practice, maybe I can also recreate the same kind of effect. It’s the perfect accent wall and inspiration to keep on reading!

Anais Lee

Anaïs is a dog-crazed ESTJ who wants to travel the world. She loves to read books and watch animated films in her free time. She was also sorted into Slytherin, in case you’re wondering.

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