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Your Let it B team wishes you a very Merry Christmas. This is the best Monday ever, don’t you think? We hope you are where you want to be now, ideally at home with the people you love. If you had noche buena last night, let it be an easy-breezy morning for you, unless the kids are up and about and won’t let you sleep another wink.

Thank you very much for being part of our adventure this year. Before it comes to a close, we’d like to summarize the many things that have happened this year, and the plans we have for 2018.

The People Behind the Blog

Your Let it B team is composed of two people. There’s artiste extraordinaire Almira, whom I fondly call Mirz. She’s young, fun, with graphic design abilities that belie her age. And there’s me, that someone who has been “talking in your ear” for the last ten months. Hopefully you like what we’ve done. We look forward to seeing more of you in 2018!

Merry Christmas Message 2017

Top 10 Posts for Palette of the Week

We have worked hard to bring you interesting and original content, a lot of inspiration that could help you make your homes beautiful. We’ve written a tip here, an advice there, and presented many color palettes to choose from. There are more than 200 articles in the Boysen blog to date so this Christmas, we’d like to give you the top 10 posts for Palette of the Week, in no particular order.





















How did we come up with the list? We’ve chosen the most read and the most “hearted”, and included our personal favorite or two.

What’s in Store for 2018?

1     Boysen will be launching Color Trend 2018. New colors, new palettes, new themes, new trends.  Although we are ready, it’s too premature to say much right now because the official launch date will be during the Interior & Design Manila exhibition in March 2018.











2     We will be introducing a new booth concept also in March 2018. Again, it would be too premature to say more. But I can leave you with this. Whereas we had talked about interactivity in 2016’s Color Lab with the swatchsicles, and 2017’s painting different forms of wooden blocks, 2018 will be all about immersion.






3     We will be producing more original videos in 2018! There will be webisodes like the DIY Diva, which would tell life stories. There will also be more Palette of the Week videos. Mirz and I experimented on these in the last few months and we had fun doing them even if we sometimes didn’t agree on the music 🙂

See A Sample Playlist (6 Videos)

They say that “the pen is mightier than the sword” or “a picture paints a thousand words”. Both are true, but we also believe that videos add a certain magic which we want to have in Let it B. Subscribe to our Let it B channel in YouTube so you’re always updated.

4     Will Boysen be launching new products in 2018? You bet we will! And we’re going to tell you now that these products will not only give your homes a contemporary appeal, but would serve other functions as well. But my lips are zipped until the official announcements.

Merry Christmas Message 2017

5     The Boysen x SM Home collaborations will continue to give you a better idea of how the paint colors on the walls would look like in the different rooms in your home. These collaborations give a fuller picture of how colors and things could look well together, with our paints and SM Home’s collection of furniture and home accessories designed in room vignettes.

Merry Christmas Message 2017

Our Contributors

Let it B would not be what it is today without our many contributors, local and foreign. Without them, the blog wouldn’t have had many interesting voices. A big thank you to them. Our top three:
















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Have a merry, merry Christmas to you and yours, and may you have a colorful 2018!

Let’s color outside the lines!





























A true DIY-Diva like Danica is a go-getter. So after choosing her colors from the Boysen App, she moves on to buy those cans of paints from the Boysen Mix and Match Station, that you can find in select hardware stores, home depots or paint centers. Check which outlet is closest to you here.

Buy all sundries you need in the same place to get those colors on your walls in a jiffy. Why wait, right?

The ombre wall Danica is making here needs more time, and different colors of paint (same hue but different tones). If you want something simple, just paint your wall one color, like what most people do. Jazz it up a bit by having one accent wall, which you paint in a different color.

Follow Danica’s story here –
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DIY Diva, Episode 5
DIY Diva, Episode 6 
DIY Diva, Episode 7
DIY Diva, Episode 8

The rains are here, and so are roof leaks.

Global climate change notwithstanding, the rains are here as expected at this time of the year. To most Pinoys, this can be a cause for celebration as we kiss the summer heat goodbye.

But it seems that the local weather has become so chummy with the heat that it doesn’t even want to leave us, even with the onset of the rainy season. So what’s worse than melting under the summer heat? It’s continuing to melt even when the rains descend upon us. And what’s even worse than that? Sweltering in the heat, amidst a torrent of rain, under a leaking roof.

The Eurythmics chill classic goes, “Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…,” except that one would feel far from chill, when raindrops are anything but a memory.

I can very well relate to the frustration of having an unidentified source of roof leak. The irritating pitter-patter sound of raindrops that you think you hear on the right side of the ceiling, only to frown at the suspicious stain starting to form in the middle of the room’s ceiling, and waking up one day to see that the paint ceiling on the right side is starting to peel off . Saan ba talaga galing ang tulo?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Roof leaks or any house water leaks for that matter, pose a major challenge for any homeowner. The best way to find out the source of a leak is to investigate it as soon as you see it. If necessary, remove ceiling openings to investigate further where exactly the leak is coming from, and the most ideal time to do this is during a heavy rainfall.

Last year was a challenging process of elimination for us, when we found ourselves badgered with a constant dripping sound coming from our ceiling, and soon enough we started seeing a map-like vision of a stain staring right back at us during our relaxation time. After establishing that it wasn’t a major leak, but big enough to bother us, I started asking around and discovered that sometimes, a leak does not necessarily mean a major house repair expense.

As it turns out, Boysen carries some products to address the perennial water leak and seepage problem common to home maintenance. Let me focus on 3 Boysen products—Boysen Roofgard, Boysen Plexibond, and Boysen Acrytex. Now, all three address water-related problems. How are they different from each other?

Boysen Roofgard

Boysen Roofgard is a gloss acylic, water-based roof paint designed to protect and adhere to most roof substrates. Roofgard can be applied on pre-painted galvanized iron sheets or on corroded G.I. surface roofings, provided that rust removal and application of Boysen Metal Etching Solution is done first.

Boysen Plexibond

On the other hand, Boysen Plexibond is an acrylic polymer (a kind of formulated plastic to resist breakage and elasticity), which when mixed with Portland cement, transforms into a compound that gives you excellent adhesion and water resistance. Plexibond is best for water seepage and is ideal for waterproofing roof decks and firewalls.

Boysen Acrytex

Boysen Acrytex is an acrylic solvent-based coating that forms a seamless, non-porous, watertight film that repels water and also prevents seepage. Acrytex is usually applied on any interior or exterior wall or substrate, be it wood, cement-type, or steel.

As with any house repair project, it is best to consult with a professional on how to go about repairs. But do consider that your water-leakage problems may not require extensive masonry rework, and may in fact be simply addressed by over-the-counter, tried-and-tested products, which we can easily access from our neighborhood home depot.

My home’s leaking problem was a small, 3 sqm cemented deck area right outside my son’s room, which caused water to fill up and leak through our kitchen area under it. I had the bigger cracks recemented which only took half a day, and applied Boysen Acrytex for good measure. It’s been bye-bye leaks since then. I’m glad it wasn’t as laborious as I thought it would be.

One happy homeowner here. Now, to get back those zzzzzz’s I missed out on, worrying on those leaks.





Two colors from the Technology palette of Boysen’s Color Trend 2017, the pink Techy Romantic and blue Space Encounter, are used in the walls of this home office vignette. Although these are pastels, these pink and blue colors are not your usual baby hues but modern and edgy.

The home office is very functional with the table, shelves, and various storage containers strategically strewn about the room. The blonde color of the wood used for the table, the shelves and the frame of the office chair, as well as the woven material of the containers, is a unifying factor. That and the white, grey and black of the geometric print of the area rug, the photo prints on the walls, the seat cushion of the chair, are elements that consolidate the look and make it very pleasing and restful to be in, especially with all that greenery. The light color of the wood is further emphasized by the daffodil yellow of the accent chair, a playful touch that invites you to enjoy even more your working space.

Closest Color Match

Tom Castaneda, SM Home’s AVP for Marketing, came up with the idea to make five room vignettes to show SM Home’s customers how to combine furnishings and colors to have a home you can be proud of. This home office was designed by Iriss Mangio of ILM Concept Design Interiors for Complete Your Home, an exhibit which will be at the bridgeway in the fifth floor of SM Makati until July 31.

Times are changing, and so are work practices. Technology has changed the labor landscape to the extent that working from home has become acceptable, even to big companies. In fact, an article from powerpinoys.com say that, “Philippines is now becoming the go to country for business owners who want to hire home based freelancers for short-term and even long term contracts. With the neutral English accent and friendly nature of Filipinos, a lot of foreign businesses preferred to work with Filipinos instead of others.”

So go to SM Makati for inspiration, and get yourself a home office you’d love to spend time in.

Read about the other room vignettes by clicking on each link below:
Glow with the Flow in Your Gorgeous Living Room
Tinderbox Dining Room for Warm and Intimate Feasts
Your Comfy Bedroom Space Encounter
Glow with the Flow for Your Cheerful Kitchen






At the Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2017 held at Intramuros on April 1, Boysen’s Samantha Fernandez asked visitors what they thought about Boysen’s latest experiential exhibition booth called Boysen Color Play launched in IDM and Worldbex in March this year. Visitors said that they appreciate how the concepts are getting better and more interactive. Here are some of the feedback about the event in Intramuros, and about Boysen Color Play.

Boysen Color Play
Erika and Kaye, TIP Manila, 2nd Year Architecture students
We are genuinely interested in these events and actively seek them out for the talks mostly. We are here to listen to words of inspiration and actual experiences from professionals because they are aware of the difficulties of the profession.
We were aware of the Boysen Color Lab concept, and participated last year. So we made it a point to visit the Boysen booth this year at Worldbex, and plan to attend Conex 2017 this month.
Boysen Color Play
Charlene and Gia, UST 4th year Architecture students

Our professors recommended that we join this event. It was optional but we chose to attend because we are interested in the talks and hear about helpful perspectives on the practice.

We also planned to share the learning experience with fellow members of our student organization (UAPSA), as well as engage with relevant companies. We were aware of the Color Lab booth concept, but not the Color Play.

Boysen Color Play
Jona and Max, UP Diliman 4th year Architecture students

We are interns assisting in this event. We appreciate how your activity generates interest and rouses curiosity and stands apart from other exhibitors. We knew about the Boysen Color Lab and the Boysen Color Play. Unfortunately, we were unable to participate in the Color Play at Worlbex due to the long lines.

Boysen Color Play
Lance and Joshua, CSB Lasalle 2nd year Architure students

We started going to events this year based on the recommendations from professors, although attendance is not required.  We attended Worldbex but we were not able to enter the Boysen booth. As students and future practitioners, we appreciate how a big brand like Boysen is exploring these interactive concepts.

We suggest that Boysen finds a  way to encourage conversation between participants during the interactive experience.

We are looking forward to being able to participate in the Boysen Color Play during Conex, if we can attend.

Boysen Color Play
May Anne and Roger, Adamson University 5th year Architecture students

We are regular attendees of these events because these are learning experiences which allow us to engage with other practitioners and relevant companies.

We participated in and enjoyed the Boysen Color Lab booth last year.

We are aware of Color Play, but we weren’t able to participate in Worldbex.

Interactivity is a big plus. So we are grateful that Boysen brought the concept here, and we are looking forward to participate in the next events.



Come and join us in Boysen Color Play at Worldbex from March 15-19

The interactive and experiential booth Boysen Color Play will be at Worldbex this week from March 15 to 19. Click the Instagram photos below to see what happened during the successful premiere of Boysen Color Play at Interior and Design Manila last week.

Get to know the four friends you’ll meet at the booth at The Amazing Colorific Journey Home.

Watch this to see how easy it is to navigate your way around the booth.

Do come and have some fun with us this coming Wednesday to Sunday. The same invitation is extended to those who want to experience the booth again.

See you soon.

This is the inside story of the Boysen Color Play, an interactive and experiential exhibition booth which will be launched on March 9 at the IDM at the SMX Convention Center. Photos were taken during the making of the booth in a secret place where elves also reside.

Showtime is around the corner

Behind every brilliant performance there were countless hours of practice and preparation.
– Eric Butterworth

A few more days till showtime, and the countdown jitters were palpable in a makeshift office at the second floor of a studio where preparations for another Boysen project was ongoing downstairs. A few more days before the opening date of the Interior & Design Manila at SMX Convention Center, and here we were gathered together in a huddle. This group was the  Comms team and its partners.

Chairs were pulled around a table, too small to comfortably fit all of us. Laptops circled the edge, documents, sample materials, and sticker mock-ups, were strewn over the available space. One member had a surgical paper mask on coz she was sick and maybe didn’t want to share her germs, or maybe coz she didn’t want to get more. I didn’t ask. Anything goes in this group.

The meeting started. An artist opened her laptop. Images appeared on screen. Talk, talk, talk. Changes had to be made to the video. Issues on consistency across all materials had to be addressed. She left the group and sat at the periphery, and with her laptop balanced on her thighs, she started making the revisions.

Not many people noticed because another laptop had opened, and someone else was speaking. Stickers. Only two. But they had to be changed. This was Team Perfection, and change them she did. She too left the circle around the table, and did the same balancing act as her colleague.

Another laptop. Another video. Only a work in progess, but everyone was enthusiastic. Just a few finishing touches and it was good to go.

The booth concept guys were excited. Their brain work from last year was almost ready to be born into this world. They looked with approval or frowned when design standards or consistency were not met. But the tone was always reasonable. For people who gave form and substance to Boysen Color Play, their proprietorial air was understandable.

And there, seated very quietly among us, looking mostly exhausted rather than relieved, were the guys who gave the idea flesh and blood. They were not yet done with the booth construction, but to them, the deadline was going to be met. I made them this as an accolade for their eye bags with the matching dark circles.

This is the nth time I’ve shown this obra maestra that has been ignored by the Mighty Mirz, the graphic designer of this blog, and by everyone else. I think it’s cute kaya siningit ko ulit.

Hodgepodge Personalities Make for a Great Team

The meeting did not end here, of course. There are so many projects being implemented right now so we discussed the most pressing ones.

During a lull in the early evening, the team members who stayed behind relaxed a bit. One was re-reading her Harry Potter book in the dark. Another was watching a Koreanovela, while the person beside her listened to music on his earphones. Two others were sharing a set of earphones while watching the musical Hamilton. They broke out in song now and then, both terribly off key.

Some of us kept eating chips. Until one went to the toilet and came back looking triumphant. I asked her why the grin, and she replied, “I brushed my teeth so I will stop eating chips.” Shoveling more chips into my mouth, I thought that that would not be effective for me.

Two guys seated beside me were talking seriously about stuff. They looked like Statler and Waldorf, those two  guys in Sesame Street. I don’t think they’ll be very happy with this description. In fairness, they’re actually sweet; they just look cantankerous.

Selfies, Boysen Style

In one of those many chaotic times in the office, when so many things were happening all at once, and everything carried with it an URGENT mark, some team members made selfies to let off steam.

Not everyone could have a Doodle face. The app is not advanced enough to handle the idiosyncratic personalities of the Boysen creative team. This is not to say that those people with Doodle faces are not weird…I mean special.

An Invitation to You

We worked on this booth for so long, poured our hearts and minds into this, laughed, sang, binged, sweated, cursed, gone mad, and went through sleepless nights.

So do come and visit us at the Boysen Color Play, a colorful wonderland of imagination, made by us especially for you.

Mark these dates, March 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center. If you miss this event, then go to Worldbex on March 15 to 19 at the World Trade Center.

See ya!

Here’s a teaser of what awaits you in the Boysen booth this coming Interior & Design Manila at the SMX Convention Center on March 9 to 11, where we  will be launching Color Trend 2017. You’ll be meeting four friends, be up close and personal with four palettes, be dabbling with 24 colors, and be seeing so much eye-candy, a virtual playground of them in fact. See you there, guys!