Cesar Legaspi


“Colors don’t come from my eyes, they come from my imagination,” so begins the short documentary, The Survivor, which presents the life and works of National Artist for Visual Arts Cesar F. Legaspi (1990). Legaspi graduated from the UP School of Fine Arts in 1936. He was a pioneer of the neo- realist genre in painting, a prominent member of the Thirteen Moderns, and is widely known for his contributions in Philippine Modern Art. He rose to prominence during the late sixties and early seventies, after working as an ad man well into his early fifties. His return and absolute dedication to painting was due in part to the encouragement of a peer and fellow artist, Hernando R. Ocampo. Legaspi, quoted from Alfredo Roces’ Legaspi: the Making of a National Artist, cites that Ocampo’s strong personality contributed to his personal development; had an immense influence on Legaspi through the books…