For a clean and fresh look, light neutrals give your bathroom that appealing ambience, very fitting for a place where you do your bathing rituals.

Light Neutrals Bathrooms: LUV Series
The Luv oval above-counter basins made from DuraCeram® impress with their subtle lines, generous inner basins, and clean edges. Bath fixtures are available at Kuysen.

Light neutrals are also safe backdrops for white bath fixtures, chrome or brass fittings and glass, and would give the illusion of space. The purity of porcelain, the gleam of chrome and sparkle of glass against a light neutral background also give a feeling of understated luxury.

For those who rent, you can easily banish any dingy feeling that the bathroom gives you by cleaning it thoroughly first of all, then by applying a coat of paint.

Light Neutrals Bathrooms: Sweet Ariel

Light Neutrals Bathrooms: Suite Indulgence

Light Neutrals Bathrooms: Detox Room

Light Neutrals Bathrooms: Cupid's Bow

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Tip: Nothing dates a bathroom more than colored fixtures. Choose white lavatories, basins, and bathtubs because not only is white a classic and will never go out of style, but it would also be easier for you to unload the property should you want to sell it. New homeowners usually want a neutral canvas to begin with to imprint their own character on the space. The same is true with the color of walls.

Read more about bathrooms in the Luv Bathroom Series.





If you’re the type of person who spends a pretty good amount of time every single day planning (read: plotting) her OOTD, chances are you usually zero in on a single piece of clothing or accessory that would be the icing on your full outfit, in other words, a fashion accessory that would make great eye candy.

Imagine that socialite in an all-black ensemble, elegantly clutching that It Purse in deep velvet red…or what about that celebrity in a baby pink dress that she matched with ruby-toned stilettos? Your eyes will definitely be drawn to the purse and shoes, because, well, their colors pop.

So what’s the point in all these? If you can spend a considerable amount of time visualizing your OOTDs, then it actually makes perfect sense to seriously strategize how you want to create dramatic looks in your own home, that is, by carefully choosing an item in your home’s specific area, painting it dramatically, and turning it into a stand-out accent piece.

Try these painting DIYs for those eye-catching interiors.

Statement Doors

Seeing beige, brown, and white doors can be a daily occurrence, so why not level up your entry’s welcoming powers and color it bright! Orange, red, green, yellow, or a lively kind of blue will certainly increase the attractiveness of your  entrance or exit. In the past, I recoated my ordinary-looking white back door using excess red paint, and what a difference that made. From a shy, self-effacing door, it made a loud statement, “Come through me, there’s so much more to see!”

Happy Chair

In a room filled with muted tones of neutral-colored walls and furniture, a cheerfully colored seat can be a welcome sight for weary souls. Check out which area of your home needs a quick facelift, without necessitating repainting of walls. Repainting a plain-looking chair with a vivid color can work wonders.

Cupboard Drama

Skip the whites and light-colored hues, and be bolder with your kitchen cupboards. Play up your kitchen cabinets by experimenting with adventurous colors. The kitchen after all is no place to be meek and timid with the visual vibe. A lot of cooking happens here, so let your dramatic cupboards complement the flurry of activity.

Vibrant TV Wall

Remember the time we used to place our TVs on humdrum racks or tables? Well, gone are those days. Boost the experience of TV viewing by providing your telly with eyecatching and buzz-inspiring backdrops.

Kid-magnet Study Table

Ever wondered how else you can make studying more exciting for your child? Just like that automobile bed you bought your son, where he gets his oh-so-lovely naps, why not add some pizzazz to his place of study by splashing his table with his fave color? Your daughter currently in love with pink? By all means, treat her to a pink study table. She will thank you for it. Who knows, the thank-yous might even come in the form of better report cards.

These are minor color transformations that do not require too much cost nor time. Amazing how a little color change can go a long way, and be pleasantly surprising.

Feature image: Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash





Imagine if you were colorblind and you were not able to see the colors around you the way most people do. Imagine if you could not distinguish violet, lavender and purple because they just look like different shades of blue, or if you confuse red with black or dark grey.

Color blindness is a condition that prevents people from seeing color the way everybody else does. Around eight percent of males and less than one percent of females are estimated to be colorblind.

How would this affect daily life? Think of driving and having to find a method to “read” traffic lights, or finding it hard to know if a fruit is ripe or not, or having to navigate this handicap if you want to be a fashion or interior designer, an artist, a policeman, or a pilot who has to maneuver a plane using complex cockpit instruments.

Visible light is a spectrum of color that most people can perceive. When light hits an object, it absorbs every color except for one that it reflects back, and that reflected color is what our eyes can see.

Colorblind people have defective retinas which hinder them from seeing certain shades in the color spectrum. One of the most common forms of color blindness is the red-green deficiency. It’s not a literal kind of “blindness” because colorblind people can still see these colors, but not in the way most people can. A common example would be seeing colors in faded shades.

Aside from the red-green color blindness, there is the blue-yellow color blindness, and the rare complete color blindness where people don’t see color at all.

There isn’t any cure for colorblindness, but technology has been able to help some people cope with this condition. A fairly recent invention is the EnChroma glasses, which use light filters to remove the shades between red and green. This way, colorblind people with the red-green deficiency can distinguish the two colors more clearly.

While the glasses only work for those with red-green deficiencies, it is certainly a big step towards helping people with color blindness.

The videos here show success stories with these glasses. You can see how amazed people become when they see these colors for the first time in their lives. It’s bewildering to them since color is not something you can describe with words alone. It helps them experience the world more perceptively, as they become conscious of these colors that they never knew existed.

We often tend to abuse our eyesight in our current, digital world, when we constantly glue our eyes to the screens of our phones.

The ability to see color is a gift that we often take for granted. I know I do. So from now on, I will remember to be grateful that the cones in my eyes are just fine, and try to fully experience the colors that I see all around me.

Remember the teenage character of Kevin Arnold played by American actor Fred Savage in the TV series, “The Wonder Years”? The comedy-drama series was a big hit back then, running from the late 80s to the early 90s. I remember following the series which tackled the coming-of-age journey of a typical teenage boy from the American suburbs. I was amazed at how Savage wonderfully depicted Kevin Arnold’s character, and how the voice-over narrative excellently played out Arnold’s inner thoughts.

Before: Fred Savage at rehearsal for the 41st Emmy Awards | Photo by Alan Light
This is Fred Savage now. | Screenshot from the Conan Show April 2016.

A number of scenes in those episodes reminded me of my own childhood. I got so fascinated with listening to Kevin’s inner musings, as it sometimes reflected my own thoughts as a teen. So how is this series related to colors?

What struck me with this TV series was how a person’s psyche goes through a lot of changes as he himself undergoes physical change. Our journey from childhood to adulthood and the experiences that we go through during this phase largely affects who we will become as adults.

When I reminisce about my childhood, I always visualize specific incidents and episodes in full color. Imagine how drab our past would be like if there were no colors. It’s even uncannily funny that when I talk about my childhood with siblings and cousins, and we laugh over a particular mischief, it’s often associated with a color, ‘naalala ko orange shirt ang suot mo’… ‘yung nauntog ka pa nga sa wall, kulay blue pa yun noon!”

Our memory’s recollection of our experiences growing up and its association with colors says a lot about how our behavioral patterns may be shaped by our surroundings.

When we were just starting our young family, the hubby and I made it a point to surround our babies with happy colors. This meant specifically painting our home then with yellow, terracotta and a cheerful kind of green. This color combo worked pretty well with our Mediterranean-themed home.

In the past, parents used to anchor the color of their kids’ bedrooms according to each child’s gender, assigning the daughter to a default pink while the son automatically gets a blue room. Today, young families with babies and toddlers are into more unique color choices. Some of the colors that work well for young children are those that infuse energy and encourage activity to support their developing minds. Like yellow, red is a good choice, if used sparingly or as an accent wall. Too much of red may cause restlessness and aggressive behavior. Orange is also a warm color, and using a subdued kind of orange helps influence friendliness, independence, and confidence in one’s self.

As the kids enter their early adolescent stage, this is where they start learning more about themselves and they begin to gain more confidence and self-esteem. A good color to accompany our kids during this stage is a light kind of blue which can promote intellectual thinking. At the same time, light blue soothes and calms down anxious minds or help ward off an oncoming tantrum. Purple can also inspire creativity, which helps to boost the creative growth spurt at this stage. Other colors that may work for puberty are the moderate uses of orange and pink since these are all warm colors which give the feeling of security.

As teenagers, it will not be surprising to find our children taking part in a lot of various activities in school and with friends. This are their years of peak activity, and toning down on colors may help calm raging hormones and overactive imaginations. Your best bet for bedroom colors are whites, beiges, even tinges of blue and green. These are considered cool colors, and can promote calmness and serenity within your home. At this time, your teenagers are already well-equipped to decide for themselves (and may even assert it), so why not ask them for their preferred bedroom color? A happy teenager always makes for a happier home.

So go ahead and change your home color as your children and your family go through their personal development. Believe me when I say it does its work in providing a fitting complement to life’s ever-changing circumstances

Kevin Arnold’s inner musings resonate, “Things never turn out exactly the way you planned. I know they didn’t with me. Still, like my father used to say, ‘Traffic’s traffic, you go where life takes you’ and growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you’re in diapers, the next you’re gone, but the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember how hard it was growing up among people and places I loved. Most of all, I remember how hard it was to leave. And the thing is, after all these years I still look back in wonder.”

…Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…
(My Favorite Things, Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Copper is one of my favorite colors because it has such an old romantic feel to it, of tradition, and bygone days when parents read aloud bedtime stories, when time spent together meant conversations, real emotional connections, a meeting of minds and hearts.

Copper – a reddish-brown color, like skin that has been touched by the sun for days on end. Not as shiny as gold or silver, its patina nevertheless gives any room a tasteful elegance and style.

Can such an old-world color fit in this day and age? YES!

Click on any photo below to open the gallery.

Feast your eyes on these palettes. And if you want your space to exude a quiet sophistication, paint your walls with any of these base colors, and get yourself a touch of copper.

Tip: Have the real deal in your living space. Get yourself a copper lamp, a stool, or other furnishings because having that metallic gleam adds to the textures found in the space, and gives it an extravagant flair.




One of my favorite rituals is to have a slow breakfast in a huge kitchen. That’s how I remembered it when I spent summer vacations in the home of my maternal grandparents. My home today does not have a huge kitchen with a matching huge table. But with the open kitchen, which is integrated with the dining and living areas, I still can replicate the experience.

It’s great to be together in one space with loved ones and eat a hearty breakfast. I feel that we are then better able to take on the day with more strength and grace.

But during the work or school week, breakfasts could be hectic affairs in most households when we’ve got to prepare ourselves and the kids (for those who are parents), to face the day. With the horrific traffic situation in our cities, we have to factor in precious minutes and hours for travel time, so breakfast may be gulped down or eaten on the run.

But weekend is coming up. We can get up at a more decent time than usual, and prepare a good, hearty breakfast for ourselves and the family. That’s such a gratifying way to start the day, when everyone is seated around the table, and each family member can share stories about the week’s events. Serious or silly stories, telling them is always a good way to connect and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a much better way to enjoy breakfast, or any meal for that matter, rather than  focusing our attention on a screen, whether it be a tablet, phone or laptop. Ban the gadgets from the table, parents!

Breakfast Places in the Kitchen

Disclaimer: These colors are taken as the interiors’ Closest Color Match. They may not exactly match actual paint.

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Boysen’s talks last weekend for the SM Home Condo Essentials were about paint and colors.

Communications Manager Ramil Mendoza gave the talks. Technical experts Aldrin Reyes and Carlo Gatbonton were there to answer technical questions.

Boysen Color Trends

Ramil’s talk included tips on how to make a room look bigger with paint. He also touched on how Boysen chooses paint colors for their annual Color Trend.

Boysen, together with the other members of the Nova Paint Club, an international group of leading independent paint companies around the world, have workshops together with an international color expert to discuss color trends for the following year. Paint colors for the year, usually six colors for each of the four palettes, are chosen by Boysen based on the factors influencing the lifestyle of the modern Filipino. Every year, Boysen researches on trends in culture, design, fashion, technology, and media.

For the SM Home Condo Essentials, we used the palette Tradition of Color Trend 2017.

Paint Colors Condo_1
Boysen Communications Manager Ramil Mendoza (L) and SM Home AVP for Marketing Tom Castaneda (R)
SM Condo Essentials

There was a sizable crowd on both days. SM Home assistant vice president for marketing Tom Castaneda, the initiator of the SM Home Condo Essentials, apologized for underestimating the expected public participation, hence the space where the talks were held was not big enough to comfortably accommodate the crowd. Despite this though, the people happily took the chance to ask the experts, together with the designers, all kinds of questions on how they could improve their homes. Some even stayed for the full talk, a total of five hours!

As Tom said, “In recent years, we’ve seen condo sizes shrink. And as they do, homeowners have to learn how to maximize their spaces, to live comfortably without feeling cooped up.”

Follow the Boysen Facebook and Instagram pages, and subscribe to this blog, to get first dibs on announcements on more Boysen-SM Home collaborations, as well as many painting tips!

Thanks for joining the SM Condo Essentials talks and see you again soon!




Kuysen, an exclusive importer and distributor of over 70 industrial and architectural brands, got Boysen to supply the paints to create the perfect space for the Duravit LUV Bathroom Series.

“When I was drawing up my design for Duravit, the image in my mind’s eye from the very start was a bowl filled with water on a simple table,” said the Danish designer Cecilie Manz.

From a “bowl filled with water on a simple table” to this!

Luv oval above-counter basin on a console in White Structure (made of Quartz), furniture in Stone grey
Luv above counter basin with Luv furniture:
Console plate in White Structure (made of Quartz), furniture in Light Blue.

This blog is full of Scandi-style interiors, the darling of today’s interior designers and stylists, and the Luv Bathroom Series is another example of that clean, minimal look.

“Luv’s unusual design combines Nordic purism and timeless elegance. Gentle forms follow a sharp geometry. The selection of materials and colors is testament to Cecilie Manz’s refined sense for nuanced form. Her color palate of matt lacquers and glazes in soft shades was developed exclusively for Duravit and emphasizes the fresh character of Luv.”

One of many life’s joys is bathing. Whether it’s getting ready to face a new day, or washing off the dust and grime of the day before going to bed, wouldn’t it be such a pleasure to have this kind of bathroom to do your cleansing rituals? I mean, what’s not to love about this Duravit LUV Bathroom Series? See those gorgeous lines and curves, not to mention those elegant and understated colors.

The colors: The washbasins come in satin matte White, Grey or Sand, and the console tables in white, Nordic white, taupe, stone grey, light blue and night blue.

Luv oval above-counter basin made from DuraCeram® with incorporated tap hole platform
Luv guest bathroom, Console plate in White Structure (Quartz), furniture in Night Blue
The Luv oval above-counter basins made from DuraCeram® impress with their subtle lines, generous inner basins, and clean edges.

Boysen’s Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ is the ideal paint to use if you want that upscale look. It is the only paint that combines the advantages of flat and gloss paints with its low sheen finish and easy clean feature, made possible by the incorporation of the Teflon® surface protector, an innovation of DuPont®.

Need more tips on how to make your own beautiful bathroom? Read From Budget Bathroom to Bonggang Banyo.




Here are paint palettes and designer tips that can make your space look bigger.

White: The Go-To Color

Chances are you’re going to say that if you paint your small condo white, your space is going to look bigger. You are right.

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Paint Walls, Baseboards and Other Trims the Same Light Color

If you make the surface one color, white or other light neutrals, then nothing stops your eye. Baseboards, moldings, door and window trimmings, jambs, inside shutters, panels — if all these are the same light color as the wall, then there is just one expanse and you don’t see the boundaries so it makes the space seem bigger.

However, if you do too much of one color, including the furniture, then it can come out looking bland or cold. So do try to have touches of color in your furnishings.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Use Other Trendy Paint Palettes

White is not the only color that makes a room look more spacious.

Try other trendy colors like soft, pale greys, especially for rooms that have natural light streaming in. Painting it with a light grey makes the room still appear roomy and bright.

Another color making a splash now is sage. It’s hailed as the new neutral and the palest of sage is similar to a very light celadon and mint, other trendy colors. Having this pale blue-green color is another way to create that illusion of space. An added benefit is the natural color, which makes the room look bigger and bright.

Photo by David van Dijk on Unsplash


Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Go Monochromatic

The white baseboard and cream walls go very well with the white cabinets and curtains, and the light wooden table. It’s a space that looks fresh and inviting. Even the tabby cat right smack in the center belongs in this room, with his markings taking on the colors of the room 😀

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

Use Paint to Change the Shape of the Room

If you have a narrow space, and most studios in condos are like that, you can paint the shorter ends a color which is a shade darker than the longer sides. This ‘widens’ the shape of the room so it becomes less rectangular. Why is that? It is because lighter colors recede, while darker colors advance, seemingly moving that shorter surface closer to you.

Paint Stripes to Create Height or Width

Whichever way you’d like your room to expand, either vertically or horizontally, stripes are your friends so paint them on your walls. Besides, they add visual interest.

Vertical strips makes a space look taller
Horizontal stripes makes a space look wider

Paint Adjacent Rooms the Same Color

Paint adjacent rooms the same color so that the eye is led from room to room with ease. If you don’t want to do that, then stick to the same hues and just change the color saturation.