Cubao Incision


Tapio Snellman’s movie on the Collage House in Dezeen  is a beautiful work of art in itself, and honors the work of architectural designer Jonathan Tuckey when he transformed a 19th-century steel fabricator’s London workshop into a home for his family. But it is not about Tapio Snellman the film maker that I want to write about, not even Tapio Snellman the architect. I want to write about Tapio the artist. I met Tapio in Manila in March 2012 when he was commissioned by Boysen to paint one of the large-scale artworks in the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Manila’s main arterial roadway and the focal point of the Boysen KNOxOut urban renewal initiative called Project: EDSA. Sitting across the table from me during dinner one night, Tapio talked about how he came up with the concept for the artwork he called Cubao Incision. Tapio’s Story about the Project The proposal…