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Built grandiosely in Italian Renaissance style in 1894, the Berlin Reichstag went up in smoke after being mysteriously burned in 1933.  It fell into ruins during World War II and was almost forgotten by history. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and it was decided a year after that the German capital will be transferred from Bonn to Berlin, it then became definite that the Reichstag building will be brought back to life.   It was the prestigious architectural firm of Sir Norman Foster,  Foster + Partners who was commissioned to do the renovation.  In 1999, the new Reichstag building was unveiled to the public. The building still retained its Classic architectural design but with a modern twist.  It is now topped with an ultra-modern Cupola (dome).  The Cupola is made of a metal dome and transparent glass. It has a sleek swirling walkway which offers an amazing 360 degree…