Himalayan salt


Living in a big city like Berlin is exciting and fun.  There are just so many events happening and so many sights to explore.  Be it  the cultural scene, sports, fashion, food, you name it, Berlin has it and more.  The dizzying array of activities in a bustling city like Berlin can take its toll on its residents, and like in any big city, ever day life can be stressful and most oftentimes toxic. This is definitely not good for one’s health.  It makes us tired and vulnerable to sickness. Luckily, I discovered Stadtsaline which literally translates to Salt City.  Tucked in the west side of the city, Stadtsaline has two rooms called Salarium, made from pure Himalayan salt, where salt therapy takes place. I bring my youngest daughter there regularly so we can enjoy a bit of girl bonding while doing a wellness activity together. People undergo salt therapy to strengthen their…