Imperial Palace


The Imperial Palace in the Chiyoda district is one place that is quite overlooked in favor of places like Ginza, Akihabara, and Tokyo DisneySea, but it is a hidden gem that is closed off to most visitors unless you join a private tour. It is the current residence of the Imperial Family so only a few areas are open to the public. The palace grounds are perfect for both history and nature lovers since the area features relics from a bygone age and a beautifully designed garden. You can see remnants of the old palace such as the watchtowers and the moats, the more recent buildings like the Imperial Household Agency Building and the Chōwaden Reception Hall, and the East Garden that sprawls over 2,300,000 square feet (210,000 square meters). The area used to be a part of the Edo Castle built by a samurai named Ōta Dōkan in 1457; the land became…