Joan Cornella


It was already our last evening in Hong Kong. Further shopping in the night market was out of the question since my pocket money had ran out. I was even having second thoughts about going to Disneyland for our last day since the ticket cost HKD 500+. With my habitual indecisiveness, I googled “things to do in Hong Kong this week” for alternatives to seeing Mickey Mouse. I got into this website where they featured a lot of activities and events around the world-class city. My eyes widened when I saw the Must-See list. Joan Cornellà: A Hong Kong Themed Solo Exhibition. The Joan Cornellà!? If you’re a 9gagger or a lurker in the internet, there’s a 90% chance you’ve seen his works. The Spanish-born cartoonist and illustrator is famous for his dark, humorous and unsettling themes. This was my chance. I doubt if he’d visit Manila anytime soon. Disneyland isn’t going anywhere anyway…