Nell del Rosario


Nell del Rosario describes himself in his instagram page as a “Merchandiser. Musician. Magulang. Muralist.” But it’s not in instagram that Nell shows us his works because his posts there are mostly about his private pursuits and his family. Boysen featured Nell’s murals a couple of years ago, and we decided to see what he’s up to now as a muralist. I asked him if he was still using Boysen paints for his murals, and his reply was, “Yes, I still and always will use BOYSEN!”  When I asked him for photos of his works, he led me to his facebook page.  Here’s the Q&A with Nell. Photos are from his facebook page. Please describe yourself at work. I have what I call “Reasonable OCD”. I always make sure that my work is neat, attractive, and “picture-worthy”. I am a very driven person and this attitude reflects on my artworks…