New Nordic Cuisine


Copenhagen is the capital of New Nordic cuisine, known for its use of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Everyday ingredients like radishes, peas, and apples are prepared in unexpected ways and incorporated together with seafood and meat to create dishes that are both healthy and unbelievably flavorful. The meticulous presentation also assures that the dishes are as good as they look, and each dish looks somewhat like a piece of abstract art. Feast your eyes on the these color palettes found in the following dishes. Monochromatic The colour green is almost omnipresent in New Nordic cuisine due to their regular use of vegetables (more so during the summer). The two dishes that fall under this category are the green strawberry tart, raw strawberries with a biscuit-like crust, and the buttermilk & chervil, a sorbet-like dish with chervil sprinkled above. Vegetables and fruits are so fresh in Scandinavia that sometimes, a single…