Plants are making a comeback. Indoors. Because Millenials. Thanks to the growing popularity of succulents, plants are stepping into the limelight and making their way into your homes. So I have shortlisted my Top 5 most popular, widely used indoor plants.

1.  Succulents

These tiny green babies have won hearts in parties/events as table centerpiece decors or guest souvenirs and now they have invaded your home space. These potted cuties are most suitable in areas with the highest sun exposure.

Best placed on: Living Area coffee table, Foyer console table, office desk, side table

Maintenance: Low. Maximum sunlight, sprays of water.

2.  Selloum

These are versatile plants that can fare well both indoors and outdoors.  Selloum are low lying plants that can be placed in a planter box or if you had them planted outdoors, you can cut a stalk or two and put it in a nice vase. Due to its unique-looking leaf, these plants send off a tropical vibe.

Best placed in: If in a planter box – as accent to a corner of room; If in a vase – Console Table, shelf

Maintenance: Moderate sunlight. Water plants twice daily

3.  Sansavieria Bacularis

This long and spikey type of succulent plants are best accessorized with a trendy planter. Bacularis’ edgy aesthetic adds a modern feel to your home.

Best placed on: A book shelf, bathroom counter

Maintenance: Moderate sunlight, sprays of water

4.  Herbs

Basil, mint or alfalfa sprouts are nice touches to perk up your kitchen. They serve a double purpose: 1) for cooking, 2) as décor. These add life and freshen your kitchen area.

Best placed on: Kitchen counter

Maintenance: Moderate sunlight. Water twice daily

5.  Faux Flowers/Plants

Faux flowers if used correctly, will not look fake at all and add to the beauty of your space. This is very tricky, since you have to source flowers/plants that look natural. Stick to whites and greens and less on the more colorful flowers. Get your creative juices flowing for this one, as you need to mix a combination of flowers to pull this off.

Best placed on: Living area table, Foyer console table, bookshelf, dining table, side table, office desk

Maintenance: Low. Dust once in a while.

Scandi-looking black and white pots can best bring out the different colors of succulents.

I’m so partial to succulents. I’ve had an on-and-off love affair with them since 2008. And now my love for them has had a resurgence here in Manila since you see them almost everywhere. It seems to be the favorite greenery among the young interior designers or stylists.

Renewed interest in Scandinavian design also revived the popular use of geometric patterns in interior furnishings. Type Scandinavian design in Google or Pinterest, and this is what you get.

Screenshot of Google search results for Scandinavian design geometric patterns

What’s commonly talked about is that succulents are easy-maintenance plants. Not! I killed all those I owned. I’ve over-watered, under-watered, roasted them under the sun, kept them in the shade. I could never get it right and somehow, sooner or later, they said their goodbyes first by shedding their leaves, then turning brown.

I hope this batch is not going to die on me though.

Succulents in a black and white potSucculent in a black and white pot

We made a DIY video for the brave souls among you who want to paint your own pots, and especially for those who feel lucky that they can master the art of caring for succulents.

We wanted a clean, spare look so we chose to paint the pots in black and white. Doing so made the colors of the different plants stand out.

If you want to share your own designs, send your photos to info@myboysen.com.