powder rooms


Through the years, there has been a significant shift in designing powder rooms, both in commercial and residential spaces. Gone are the days of just laying out a standard cubicle with a decent water closet, sink and toilet paper holder to match. Nowadays, if you visit a friend’s house or a chic new bistro, you might find an elaborate buffet of toiletries, an intriguing wall paint selection, or a refreshing floral decor. Your home or space is an extension of who you are or the establishment you’re representing and the powder room is most probably one of the most used areas by visiting guests. Here are a few residential powder rooms worthy of another visit. U Residence (2.875 sqm) Designed with a Modern-Industrial aesthetic in mind, this powder room explores the subtleties of using cement- finished walls (Konstrukt Skimkote) to give way to the bold bathroom fixtures and graphic accent…