Channel the superhero in you with the palette Realm . With paint names Imperial Force, Star Princess, Dune Buggy and Tribute Yellow, you can’t help but think about all those movies about godly beings with super powers that save the world, wherever that world is. The palette is bold and daring, befitting superheroes. We have added neutrals – Off White Gray Cast, Amish Linen and Vanilla Ice, to give the striking colors the space they need to breathe. This palette was inspired by the social movement that is gaining momentum, that of the Eco Warriors. People are awakening and becoming more aware of what our role is in how our future on this planet will pan out. There is an ever-increasing flirtation for many, for some it is an outright dedication, to break boundaries in our way of thinking – to transcend what divides us and instead focus on what binds us as a species. The…