stop roof leaks


The rains are here, and so are roof leaks. Global climate change notwithstanding, the rains are here as expected at this time of the year. To most Pinoys, this can be a cause for celebration as we kiss the summer heat goodbye. But it seems that the local weather has become so chummy with the heat that it doesn’t even want to leave us, even with the onset of the rainy season. So what’s worse than melting under the summer heat? It’s continuing to melt even when the rains descend upon us. And what’s even worse than that? Sweltering in the heat, amidst a torrent of rain, under a leaking roof. The Eurythmics chill classic goes, “Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…,” except that one would feel far from chill, when raindrops are anything but a memory. I can very well relate to the…