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“I’m a hoarder of music.” Good thing Audio Accumulation Anonymous has yet to be formed. Otherwise, they’d send me an application form, no doubt. I currently have around 3,000 compact discs and about a thousand vinyl records in my possession. I would prefer to call myself a collector but I am guilty of stockpiling CDs and LPs every chance I get. Flea markets, yard sales, foreign trips, etc.– I’m always on the hunt. So, yes to minimalist apologists, I’m guilty as charged. REWIND I buy everything from A-ha to Zappa, from Beethoven to Camper Van Beethoven. There’s always the itch to complete titles, rarities, out-takes, and concert versions. My first record purchase was at the age of ten, a 45 rpm of The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” and I haven’t stopped buying from that time on. The first few records and cassettes were neatly stored beneath the shelf…