Wynn Wynn Ong


Seeing Wynn Wynn Ong’s creations up close during a museum retrospective truly helps you appreciate her artistry to a greater extent. Jewelry is often associated with vanity, opulence, and materialism, and we often fail to acknowledge the creativity behind the process of designing and creating these things. But with her works, you can see the brilliant talent that went into the creative process. Wynn Wynn Ong is no doubt an outstanding jeweller. Born in Myanmar but raised in Austria and the Philippines, Ong’s work carries an aesthetic influenced by her travels throughout the world. Her designs stand out among most jewelry designers because she takes inspiration from things as commonplace as nature. Regardless of whether these are exotic tropical birds or common garden frogs, Ong turns these creatures into something extraordinary with the help of her team’s superb craftsmanship. Some pieces are also inspired by her heritage, carrying prints of…