Do you know what colors you’d like to paint your walls with? Or are you stumped by what paint color palette you should have for your home? You’ve come to the right place because this is where you can find tons of ideas.

How to Choose Your Paint Color Palette

The quickest way to know what color palette works for you is to start with your favorite color. From there, you can fan out and add colors that are good combos for that particular color you have in mind. If you are not too bold about painting a whole room with your favorite color, then just use it for an accent wall. Still too timid about slapping on that paint even if it’s just one wall? Don’t give up. Use that color on your home accessories instead. It’s affordable and easy to change.

From the different color palettes from Boysen Color Trends to color combinations to mood boards, check on this link for Boysen paint color inspirations and painting ideas.