There are some things that belong together, like ham and egg, needle and thread, song and dance, hugs and kisses. I’m sure you get my drift. The same is true with colors. There are just those two that belong together, and we’d like to expound about those color pairings one by one (or is it two by two :)). The color pairing of orange and blue just works. It’s a failsafe color combination that proves opposites attract. That’s what colors at the opposite sides of the color wheel do, they just go together, which is why they’re called complementary colors. Orange is a warm color, even hot, and it is associated with energy, stimulation, joy, and enthusiasm. Blue, on the other hand, is a cool color, the color of the earth and sky. It symbolizes peace, trust, depth, and loyalty. Combining both in one room creates a balanced vibe. It’s…