If you’re thriving in the new work-from-home arrangement, we’re happy for you! Check up on your close friends. Share your strength with them. Listen and encourage them without dismissing their anxieties. If you’re one of the worried ones, it’s okay. No need to rush your painting goals. If you feel too drained to fix your workspace, you can turn off your video for the meantime.  Whenever you’re ready, all these uplifting colors are just waiting for you.

Using a wacky virtual background is fine and fun too, but sprucing up your workspace is even better. We’re here to help you make your walls Zoom meeting-ready. We gathered some ways on how you can make your space virtually appealing.

Look Smart with A Bookcase Backdrop

Painting Ideas: Are Your Walls Zoom Meeting-Ready? | MyBoysen

If you have plain, neutral colored walls, it’s time to flaunt your collection of books. You can even arrange them according to the color of the book cover if you have a lot of time on your hands. People are showing off their bookshelves in Zoom meetings, and we’re paying attention and judging them based on what they read.

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A Budget Brick Wall

Painting Ideas: Are Your Walls Zoom Meeting-Ready? | MyBoysen

You can turn your dining area into your workspace. This is ideal for people who live alone since no one will make a surprise cameo in their video conference.

You eat and work in this space so you might as well make a beautiful backdrop. You can copy the look of this peg without the tedious work of building a brick wall. Yes, friends, you can create this peg using paint! Follow this link to watch how to create a faux brick wall. 

Color Blocking a Wall

Painting Ideas: Are Your Walls Zoom Meeting-Ready? | MyBoysen

If you have leftover paint from your last DIY painting project, use them to create a color-blocking wall design. Just make sure that the paint type is compatible with the existing paint so that you won’t deal with painting problems later on.

Mimic the look of this refreshing home office by painting a small color blocking detail on your wall. Install a shelf and add plants to your space. Plants are your pseudo-colleagues for now, choose the perfect one for you by taking this indoor plant quiz.

Business on Top, Boxer Shorts on The Bottom

Painting Ideas: Are Your Walls Zoom Meeting-Ready? | MyBoysen

Too lazy to put on pants and paint the entire room? Just put on some boxer shorts and paint an accent wall. After all, your colleagues will see only your upper body and one side of a wall.

This workspace will inspire you to get in the work groove. Get the look of this home office by painting a green accent wall and hanging some wall art. Green feels refreshing and grounding! We recommend that you pick a color that makes you feel focused and productive.

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Bring More Natural Light into Your Space

Painting Ideas: Are Your Walls Zoom Meeting-Ready? | MyBoysen

Flood the room where you hold Zoom meetings with natural light! Replace your dark and heavy curtains with sheer ones. Declutter your space and organize your office supplies. Create an airy and bright vibe in your home with white.

Finally, let the cat crash the video call!

Cat Cameo

Speaking of our feline friend, allow them to interrupt your Zoom meeting once in a while. No one, not even the CEO of X corporation, can resist a fluffy cat. Watch the toughest guys in the department melt as Mr. Ruffles jumps on your lap while you explain the weekly financial report, blah, blah, blah, statistics, synergy!

If you don’t have a cat but you consider yourself as a cat lover (they exist), paint a cat mural on your wall. Check out this post and pick the cat mural design that appeals to you.

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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