Maayong adlaw, Cebu! Planning a home renovation soon? Drop by Philbex Cebu! It’s happening from tomorrow until Sunday.

Invitation to Philbex Cebu 2023

Philbex Cebu is Happening Tomorrow! | MyBoysen

Mark your calendars for Philbex Cebu’s 4-day event starting from September 14 to 17. Doors open at the IC3 Convention center from 11:00AM to 7:00PM. This trade show is going to feature over 80 companies from different sectors from the construction industry. So, whether you’re in the planning stage of a renovation or currently having one, it’s a good idea to drop by just to check out your options! And of course, the Boysen Color Library is going to be there for all your paint and color needs.

Boysen Color Library

In case you missed out on the last time we brought over the Boysen Color Library booth in Cebu, here’s a recap of what to expect. Booth sizes are going to be smaller in Philbex Cebu, but we’ve still jam-packed the space with as much Colorbooks and reference materials as we can.

The Color Library: A Guide to the Colorbooks | MyBoysen

Colorbooks are actual painted panels using Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex. While we couldn’t feature all 1,320 Colorbooks in Philbex, we’re still showcasing quite a number! If you’re still on the fence on what color to go for in your living space, check out our color collection in the booth.

Konstrukt Lunar Series | MyBoysen

We’re also showcasing all the 9 finishes of Konstrukt Lunar Series in large-format, actual-application panels. The industrial, modern cement finish is still all the rage in architecture and interior design. Drop by the Boysen Color Library booth so you can see and feel the panels for yourself.

Some Final Notes

Philbex Cebu is the last chance to check out the Boysen Color Library booth in Cebu for the year. If the stars aren’t aligned for you and your schedule is already filled to the brim, you can still see our Colorbooks in our concept store, The Color Library, located inside MOA Square (next to IKEA).

Still, it’s better to come prepared for any trade show exhibit. Expect a lot of foot traffic on the weekends so avoid those dates if you can. Make a list of all the suppliers or supplies that you need so you can make a game plan for your visit.

Do you have any other questions on paints, colors, or our exhibition booths? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help.  For pressing questions that need answers ASAP, our marketing executives and technical service personnel stationed in the Boysen Color Library Booth in Philbex Cebu will always be happy and willing to help.

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