Boysen Color Trend palettes usually have six paint colors to a palette. These colors are carefully curated so that you can mix and match colors in a palette with ease.

For this post however, I am pairing two paint colors from different palettes from Boysen Color Trends 2015 up to the latest one.

Many of us would like to go the safe route and choose neutrals like white, beige, greige, taupe. This is easy and expedient. Or you could also go that extra mile and make a bedroom that shows your unique personality. The best way to do that would be to use colors.

The bedrooms we show here have a mix of warm and cool colors. Seeing these images and combinations may move you closer to the bedroom that most appeals to you.

Walking on Sunshine and Bluegrass Suite

Dreamy Bedrooms Using Paint Colors from Boysen Color Trend | MyBoysenUse the warm hue Walking on Sunshine sparingly as an accent color like in the chairs.  Let Bluegrass Suite take center stage by painting your walls with this cool color. Get a deeper blue for accent fabrics like the upholstery and the bed runner.

Want more? Check out these eye-catching color pairings.

Techy Romantic and Vintage CigarDreamy Bedrooms Using Paint Colors from Boysen Color Trend | MyBoysen

These two warm colors Techy Romactic and Vintage Cigar make the space feel warm and cozy, perfect for cocooning. Use the pink color for the walls and brown accent pieces like a blanket. Note how the wooden headboard has the Vintage Cigar color in the wood grain.

If you like this kind of warm vibe in your bedroom, read this post about Trendy and Enduring Neutrals.

Truth Be Told and Sea of Tranquility

Dreamy Bedrooms Using Paint Colors from Boysen Color Trend | MyBoysen

This is such a beautiful, relaxing space with Truth be Told painted on the walls. It is a neutral color that has a hint of pale mint. This light paint color is beautifully paired with a medium gray color called Sea of Tranquility. There are hardly any accessories in the room because the garden is so gorgeous that the room does not need further embellishments.

If you have the luxury of a garden in your home, try to bring nature in by having such kind of transparent glass doors. You can always have (blackout) curtains for privacy and to keep the sun out.

Read this post to get more ideas on how you can welcome nature into your home.

Tuscan Sun and Lucid Green

Dreamy Bedrooms Using Paint Colors from Boysen Color Trend | MyBoysen

The intensity of this color pairing is a good balance between the cool color Lucid Green and the warm color Tuscan Sun. It’s an audacious color combo which is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You are not able to hide your indecision with light neutrals. This is a statement saying this is who you are and that you are not afraid to show it. Never mind if it’s only in your bedroom. At least, it can be a daily reminder of your lively spirit.

This bold color pairing may be something that would appeal to Gen Z. Trends show that this generation is not afraid to take risks in their choice of bright colors and their maximalist approach to design. Get inspired with the Gen Z aesthetic and click this link.

Those who are more color savvy, don’t limit yourself to a palette in the Boysen Color Trend. Instead, start with your favorite color and pair it with another. You have Color Trends 2015 to 2023 to choose from. Just visit this website.


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