The first episode of this blog Let it B’s ESPASYO is about the second home of a young couple working in Dubai, who wanted their own place when they’re back in the home country for a visit.

Interior design studio Morfosis gave this condo unit a new look.

Principal Designers Misty Floro and Pai Edles of Morfosis said that the couple were initially disappointed when they saw the unit which they bought bare. It is a long, rectangular space of 25 sqm located in the Sheridan Towers in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

The Interior Design Changes

The couple got in touch with Morfosis because they had no idea how to make their newly-acquired property feel like home.

After the discussion, Morfosis came up with the concept of ECHO because they wanted the studio unit to be a place where the couple could create and share good memories. Repeating lines were used in the space as a nod to this concept.

Wanting to have a space that flows, the designers did not want to sharply delineate the condo unit.

ESPASYO: Interior Design Studio Morfosis on ECHO | MyBoysen

These are the following changes they made:

  1. broke down the wall between the living room and the bedroom, and installed a mirror to give the illusion of an expanded space
  2. added a sliding door using dichroic film which produces colors as light hits it
  3. installed a place for the coffeemaker and a pull-out table in the cabinetry in the bedroom, as well as a folding table at the foot of the bed to give the couple the possibility to work at the same time
  4. extended the kitchen countertop and installed a pull-out pantry cabinet
  5. placed the refrigerator inside a cabinet
  6. retiled the kitchen and bathroom
  7. used modular and multi-functional furniture which are great for small spaces

They created a surprise feature in the studio. No spoilers so please watch the video and find out what it is. If you also live in a studio, you might want to steal the idea.

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Natural Palette

Morfosis is known for their use of natural palettes. The paint used in the condo is Boysen Virtuoso Silk Touch in Cotton (V-9000C02).

The designers also design custom-made cabinetry in their projects to create a seamless look in a space. These give the interiors a more roomy feel while providing much-needed storage.

For ECHO, the cabinetry is in all areas of the unit, from the kitchen, bookshelves, storage cabinets and doors in the living area, to closets and wooden wall claddings with repeating lines that symbolize the concept ECHO.

The ESPASYO Series

ESPASYO is intended to be a video series showing the works of local interior designers and architects.

We shot this episode of ECHO before the enhanced community quarantine. Although our production processes will change to protect our clients and staff, it is the intention to continue producing videos which will showcase the works of professionals in the building of homes and living spaces in the country.

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