Some colors just have a way of stimulating the appetite. Can you take a guess what those colors are? Well, just look at any nearby restaurant or fast food joint—it’s red and yellow! These bright and energetic hues are found to increase one’s heart rate and metabolism, making us even hungrier than usual. Take advantage of this fact by painting for dining area with some yummy red and yellow hues. Check out our recommendations for dining room colors below!


Yummy Colors for Your Dining Room (VIRTUOSO) | MyBoysen

Why is the color red so appetizing to the human eye? Red is a delicious medium rare steak. It’s the color of freshly sliced tuna sashimi. It’s the sweet ripeness of fruits such as apples, cherries, and strawberries. This hue is eye-catching, exciting, not just to the eye, but also to the appetite.

If painting all four walls of your dining space seems a little too intense, try using this hue as an accent wall color instead.

YellowsYummy Colors for Your Dining Room (VIRTUOSO) | MyBoysen

Yellows are equally as hunger-inducing as reds. Yellow is the succulent egg yolk center of a sunny-side up. It’s the sweetness of ripe mangoes and pineapples, and the sourness of a tart lemon. This hue is bright and happy, the exact mood I want to be in as I dig into my meals.

Yellows are best applied in spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light. Choose pastel shades of yellow to make the dining room look light and airy.

Greens Yummy Colors for Your Dining Room (VIRTUOSO) | MyBoysen

Picky eaters, please step aside because there’s a surprise entry into the mix—green! This hue is the ultimate indicator of freshness. Green is the cool and crisp crunch of a freshly tossed salad. It’s the creamy avocado dip to overloaded nachos, and the warm, soothing sip of matcha tea. This color is relaxing and soothing to both the eyes and the palate.

Food is meant to be eaten slowly, and mindfully. Create a calm atmosphere in the dining area by painting the walls with gentle green hues.

Easy Clean Dining Room Walls

Virtuoso Silk Touch | MyBoysen

Eating is great and all, but cleaning up after a meal can be a real pain sometimes. Especially if you’re close to bursting from eating so much! Make cleanup a breeze by using Virtuoso Silk Touch paints on your dining room walls. It’s formulated with an Easy Clean technology that makes common household dirt and grime easy to wipe away. Now, there’s no need to worry if you have extremely messy eaters at home! All the dining room colors we featured above can be mixed in this easy clean paint.

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