Light colors are still very much a favorite of homeowners. We chose 6 (off-) white paint colors to help you choose one for your home exteriors to increase your home’s curb appeal.

6 White Colors For Home Exteriors To Increase Curb Appeal | MyBoysen

6 White Colors For Home Exteriors To Increase Curb Appeal | MyBoysen

6 White Colors For Home Exteriors To Increase Curb Appeal | MyBoysen

6 White Colors For Home Exteriors To Increase Curb Appeal | MyBoysen

6 White Colors For Home Exteriors To Increase Curb Appeal | MyBoysen

Please be aware that the colors that you see on the screen cannot approximate the colors of the paint. This is because color perception changes with the gadget used and the light that falls on the color swatches on the screen. Furthermore, technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing will affect the colors that you see on your screen.

The best thing to do is to go to any of our Boysen Mix and Match Stations and look at the fan decks before buying your paint. For the locations of the stations, click here.

White for Home Exteriors

How to Use Boysen Paint Color Fan Decks | MyBoysen

There are 32 (off-)white paint colors in the Boysen Color Palette. When choosing your paint, look at your home and see what would be the best kind of white. For example, if you have a garden, then a light paint color with a green tint like Prismatic Pearl | BCP-0025 would be a good backdrop for all your plants. Thinking of having a dark grey front door, Cherish is the Word | BCP-0029 would be a good choice for your exterior walls.

Remember that you don’t have to choose the brightest white because sunlight will make the painted surface look whiter.

Learn more about the Boysen fan decks.

Advantages of White Exteriors

There are many advantages of having white or light colored exteriors which is why you see many homes painted white, more so now with the #teamputi trend. Most homeowners like to carry the white motif from outside to inside the home.

1. Good for Planet Earth

White reflects the sun’s heat. So if you paint your exteriors a light color, this will make your home feel cooler inside. This translates to less usage of electricity which can impact your wallet and the environment.

We have a special paint for roofs called Cool Shades that is formulated with a highly engineered, heat-reflecting pigment that repels infrared light before it turns into heat. You may want to check that out too so that most of your home exterior surface area becomes a sustainability solution.

2. Classic look


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White paint will never go out of style and it will always be a favorite of homeowners. From the bahay na bato to a modern home in an urban subdivision, you will see that a light color enhances the structure by giving it a classic elegance. It’s an easy color choice to make. The challenge is in finding the right tint. Just check your home’s facade and surroundings for clues.

3. Creates a fresh aesthetic that’s easy to decorate

A lick of white paint immediately gives a space a fresh and clean look. It is also easy to match white with other paint colors that you might want to use to further increase your home’s curb appeal. For example, you can paint your doors and window trims another color. You can also add wooden elements for an organic look. 

4. Fades slower than darker colors

All paint colors fade over time because of the constant exposure to UV rays. Not only direct sunlight but also the weather and extreme temperature affect the paint. Because dark colors absorb more heat, the breakdown that happens in the paint is worse than on light colors. It is important to choose a quality paint so that the paint job lasts for years.

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5. Increase your home’s marketability

In case you are wanting to flip your home, a house painted white is easier to sell. Other neutral colors like beige are also on trend.

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