Heard of Boysen’s The Color Library? If you’re a paint or color lover, you have to drop by! Here are some things you shouldn’t miss during your visit to this one-of-a-kind concept store.

More than 1,300 Colorbooks

A Must-Visit for Paint and Color Fans! What’s to See at The Color Library | MyBoysen

Presenting the star of the show: the Colorbooks! The Color Library is dominated by large shelves filled with more than 1,300 Colorbooks each coated with a different Boysen paint color. You can pull them out of the shelves, hold them in your hands, and examine them closely so you can picture them in your home.

Boysen: The Color Library is Now Open! Take a Peek Inside | MyBoysenThe Colorbooks are placed on five shelves. Four of the shelves house bright, colorful hues arranged according to brightness. It’s so if you’re aiming for a particular shade, it will be easier to find. The fifth is the largest shelf which contains neutrals—whites, off-whites, creams, beiges, and browns—for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

200 mL and 1 L Paint Pots

A Must-Visit for Paint and Color Fans! What’s to See at The Color Library | MyBoysen

Sometimes, all you need is a bit! Maybe you only need enough to sample a color on your wall or maybe you’re creating a mural or an accent wall. And that’s when Boysen’s 200 mL and 1 L paint pots come in handy. You can get all the colors at The Color Library mixed in-store in both of these sizes.

Just so you get an idea, a 200 mL sample pot of paint can cover approximately 1.25 to 1.50 square meters in one coat. This gives you enough coverage to visualize the paint color in different lighting conditions and how it will well it will interact with the other colors in the space.

The Color Library App

A Must-Visit for Paint and Color Fans! What’s to See at The Color Library | MyBoysen

On the tables of The Color Library are tablets installed with an app that’s only available for use in the concept store. (This is not the Boysen app.) On it are useful features and tools including “Color Collection” where you can digitally browse paint swatches, “Paint Calculator” to estimate how much paint you need to cover an area, and “The Library” which helps you navigate the store.

Special Color Collections

A Must-Visit for Paint and Color Fans! What’s to See at The Color Library | MyBoysen

Did you know Boysen releases special color collections? For example, at The Color Library, you’ll find a selection of Scandinavian-inspired colors. The collection consists of over 90 shades that range from muted hues for a colorful minimalist aesthetic to moodier and darker colors for more drama and flair.

As mentioned, you can view these special collections via The Color Library in-store app and have it mixed on the spot too.

Paint Brushes and Rollers

Fuyama paint rollers available at Boysen | MyBoysen

For those who want to start painting as soon as they get home (relate!), don’t forget to grab a few brushes and rollers before you leave the concept store. 1-inch Fumaya brushes and 4-inch and 7-inch Fuyama rollers are available. These are good quality tools too. You can rely on them to apply paint well and last you through a fair few projects.

Ready for your trip to The Color Library? It’s just a few steps away from IKEA, The Color Library is located at 241-242 (SP) MOA Square Level 2, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Operating hours are 11 AM to 9 PM daily. See you there!

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