The living room can become a catchall for random bits and bobs in the home. This can be in the form of decor, stationery, or clutter in general. This start of the year, give your home’s living room a fresh new look starting with this quick cleaning guide.


Living Room Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

As with all our other cleaning guides, one of the first steps is to buckle down and declutter the space. Are there any receipts or magazines that are taking up space in your coffee table? What about books on the shelves that you’d rather donate to make more space? Or are there any living room decor that don’t fit well anymore with your home’s aesthetic? Perhaps it’s time to sell these items off or give them away to somebody else that can truly appreciate them.

Organize small items that are commonly found in living rooms. Do you have a collection of printed photos just lying around in some odd box? Now’s the time to put them in proper albums. Your collection of tiny figurines from your travels? Give them a proper home in your living room once you sort things out.

Dust, Dust, Dust

Living Room Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

Open your living room windows (or at least turn on your air purifier) because it’s time to give the place a good dusting. Start by dry wiping surfaces like console and coffee tables, lighting fixtures, and decor. Don’t forget to check areas behind furniture! They tend to be gathering places for dust, trash, and probably the missing remote. After dusting, go in with a wet rag to make sure all surfaces are clean and dust-free. Use a gentle cleanser, especially on upholstered or wooden items, and appliances.

This applies to gallery walls as well, should you have one in your living space. Wipe down any artworks (properly and gently!) and framed photos. While you’re at it, give the walls a good wipe down as well. Just remember to use a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser. If you used Virtuoso Silk Touch for your living room walls, this shouldn’t take long.


Living Room Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

Fabric-lined sofas, carpets, pillows, and curtains tend to hold on to a lot of dust and dirt. Do yourself and your allergies a favor by vacuuming these items, and the entire space, thoroughly. If you can remove curtains, sofa covers, and pillows, it’s best to launder them as well. Don’t forget the carpet if you have one too!

Living Room Cleaning Guide

Here’s a simple checklist to get you started.

Living Room Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

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