We’re taking a trip down to the Queen City of the South again—in a place where the ocean is clear and the talents are overwhelmingly good. One post isn’t enough to capture the music of Cebu City so here we are again to give you more.

Of course, with the pandemic still restricting us from going out on tours and gigs, you won’t be able to watch them perform live yet. But turn that frown upside down! Just hang in there and hold on to better days (or nights). Browse through the post and include seeing these Cebuano acts in the flesh in your what-I-will-do-once-the-pandemic-is-resolved list.

4 More Cebuano Acts to Listen to Right Now

If you still haven’t got enough of the Cebuano music from our last post (read here if you haven’t seen it yet), we’re back with a new list of solo acts and bands that are sure to give you more than just a song. Click on the images to watch their Boysen Beats episode.

IntertwinedBoysen Beats: More Cebuano Music Artists to Love | MyBoysen

Intertwined’s first shot at nationwide recognition was with their first-ever single, Love of my life. Since then, all eyes are on them as they release hit after hit. Led by the musical tandem of Amanda Gabucan and Henry James Pestaño, Intertwined took the Cebu music scene by storm with their honest and relatable lyricism and power vocals backed up by their strong horn section. Their latest feat was the Wanderbattle 2019 where they bested several homegrown music artists around the Philippines. Read all about their stories of twists and turns here.

Experience their gospel pop sound with hints of R&B and Jazz by adding them to your playlist NOW. Follow their musical journey on their official Facebook page.

Mary Anchit

Boysen Beats: More Cebuano Music Artists to Love | MyBoysen

A high school teacher by day, Mary Anchit brings her love for teaching and telling stories to her songwriting. Evident in her 7-track debut album, she draws inspiration from personal experiences—and isn’t afraid to share them with the world. Her songs are reflections of lessons about love and life in general. Her music is a modern-day take on folk songs.

You can watch her perform live once the gigs are resumed but for now, you can listen to her music at home. Check out her official page for updates.

Kate Torralba

Boysen Beats: More Cebuano Music Artists to Love | MyBoysen

You may have seen her designs on the runway as a distinguished fashion designer but on some days she drops her pencil and sketchbook to pick up her piano and songbook. And then the magic happens. “Kate Torralba is the Philippines’ answer to the pianist-singer-songwriter genre.” When she’s on stage, she and her music become one. If there’s one thing that sets her apart from other artists, it is that she knows where her heart is and she’s not afraid to follow it. She once left home to pursue music—she literally didn’t have a permanent address and lived wherever there was a gig. Read her interesting life story here.

If you’re a fan of Regina Spektor or Sia or other indie-pop artists, then you’ll surely love Kate Torralba’s music. Click here and follow to stay on loop with her new projects.

The Metro Fantastic 

Boysen Beats: More Cebuano Music Artists to Love | MyBoysenThe Metro Fantastic is best described as an old band with a new sound. Their disco-funk music is a healthy mix of Jamiroquai, Mars, MJ, and Timberlake. This explains why whenever there is TMF, there’s a party. Their band is made up of members from different bands that have been, at one time or the other, in the same bands together—and it all shows in their chemistry when performing. As a first time listener, they surely can hook you in with their infectious groove and feel-good tunes.

Follow their updates here.

What are you waiting for? Go to www.studioboysen.com, click on Boysen Beats, and enjoy this online concert at home for free! If you feel like driving to Tagaytay alone but not lonely, we have the perfect chill playlist for you to listen to. Click on the link and blast it on the car stereo. Feel free and stay safe!


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