Who wouldn’t want a cozy spot to slowly sip coffee on weekend mornings? Just because your dining space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t make it look stunning. A bit of paint can go a long way, especially in small areas. Consider the beautiful paint colors from Boysen included in this list!

If you want any of these for your home, you can then head to a Boysen Mix and Match station to have a paint batch mixed. (Find a list of locations here). Just make sure to ask to see the color in person beforehand as digital renditions may differ from the actual swatch.

Plunge | BCP-0701

This hue is almost a no-brainer if you want a color that’s cool and soothing. Standing at the crossroads between pale green and pale blue, it’s like a mist of water on your face on a hot summer day—refreshing. Get away from the heat and into a dining area with this on the walls.

Violet Vibes | BCP-1290

Go on, lean into your love of purple! If you’re worried about your dining area feeling too dark, don’t be. Keep other elements in the room in a light color scheme to balance things out. You get plus points if the room receives a good amount of sunlight.

Sacred Spring | BCP-0510

It’s hard not to like gray these days. With Scandinavian and #TeamPuti interiors being popular with Filipinos, gray fits right in with the aesthetic. It’s a neutral color but rather than bouncing so much light around the room like stark whites do, gray absorbs some of it. This makes for a comfier space that lessens that blinding and draining feeling you may get in rooms with too much white.

Tiny Calf | BCP-0161

Create the ultimate cozy space with wall paint in a color like peach. This hue brings soft warmth to the room—kind of like a hug! It’s like a neutral color but with a bit more personality and character. If you have rose gold accents, you can bet they’ll go well with this.

Acapulco Dive | BCP-0639

No need to hide your fun-loving personality. Make a statement with a bright blue. We’re here to tell you that, yes, you absolutely can use a bold color on your walls. Blue and white is a classic combination used often by interior designers. It’s one that’s easy to replicate yourself.

Cherish is the Word | BCP-0029

Of course, when we talk about paint wall colors for small spaces, we can’t leave out white. The one in this photo is called Cherish is the Word. It’s not pure white, which is good as it keeps it from being overbearing and oppressive. With a very neutral color like this, you get more freedom to play with the tones in the room as well. Check out the mix of light and dark wood in the space above.

Morning Side | BCP-0096

Pink is the color of sweetness. Did you know that desserts in this color can trick your brain into thinking it’s sweeter than it actually is? It’s also a color that’s been shown to lower aggression and stress levels. Sounds like something you need in your life? If so, here’s a tip: it pairs well with copper tones.

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Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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