You may want a cozier living for a few important reasons. One reason may be because you want an area to entertain where guests can feel welcomed (and also be impressed with your home decorating skills). Another reason is that it’s just a good spot to lounge and unwind on your own or with loved ones. Whatever it may be, here are a few tips to achieve a cozier living room:

Bring in texture via soft furnishings

Living room feels uninviting and gives off a tense vibe? Take the edge off and make the space look and feel cozier with soft furnishings. Imagine your space with fluffy cushions on the sofa (no overstuffing!), a soft rug under the coffee table, and even a throw blanket casually draped on a chair. Aside from making the room more inviting for lounging, the textures these objects add keep your living room from looking flat and one-dimensional.

Simple Tips to Achieve a Cozier Living Room | MyBoysen

Think about lighting

Lighting can affect the mood and ambiance of a room. Cool white overhead lighting can easily feel clinical and cold especially if it’s the only light in the space. Bringing in additional light sources, such as a floor or table lamp, is an easy way to create cozy spots in your living room. Opt for a lamp and bulb combo that diffuses a soft, warm glow. Turn it on when you want to wind down and relax such as after a long, tiring day.

Have photos on display

We’re not talking about putting your entire photo album in frames and littering every possible surface area with them! Pick only a handful of your favorite pictures (plus points if they hold special meaning to you). Place them in tasteful frames for either placing on a table or hanging on a wall. Personal treasured photos in a room create intimacy that a store-bought item can rarely match.

Simple Tips to Achieve a Cozier Living Room | MyBoysen

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Make it smell lovely

Don’t underestimate the effect scents and fragrances can have in a room. Very few people would be inclined to stay for long in a space that smells musty, “funny”, or even just plain bad. On the other hand, a soft scent—one that’s not too overbearing—permeating the room can be inviting. Choose fragrances depending on the mood you want to create: fresh and clean scents for a light and airy room or maybe rich and warm scents for a more sophisticated feel.

Care for indoor plants

Plantitas and plantitos everywhere will attest to the advantages and benefits plants can bring to your home. Plants can instantly breathe life and warmth to a room. Natural elements, more often than not, can make a room cozier. Even a vase of fresh flowers or small succulents can make a difference in the ambiance of a room. Plus, caring for plants can help you feel less stressed and boost your well-being. So, when you feel like something’s missing, try adding some greenery.

Simple Tips to Achieve a Cozier Living Room | MyBoysen

Choose soothing colors

Certain colors can evoke a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Soft colors—or ones that are lower in saturation—can be a better choice if you want a cozy room. This is opposed to louder and bolder colors—or ones that are higher in saturation—that can be overstimulating. Creamy whites, for example, can be the right choice for many as it has a hint of warmth while still being a neutral color that goes with many interior design styles.

For wall paint, Boysen has a wide range of interior paint colors you can choose from including ones that are soft-toned and in neutral hues. As for the perfect paint product, check out Let It B’s guide on Boysen’s top choice interior paints: Boysen Permacoat, Boysen Healthy Home, and Virtuoso Silk Touch. We’ve included color swatches in the guide too.

Boysen interior concrete paints

We hope these tips help you achieve the cozy and inviting living room you deserve! If you have any questions or inquiries about Boysen products, our technical team will be happy to assist you. Send an email to or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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