When I was starting to become more financially stable a few years back, the first thing I spent my hard-earned money on was in creating my perfect bedroom. It just made a lot of sense to me. I wanted to create a sanctuary to retreat into after a particularly stressful day at work. Here are 5 bedroom essentials to get your started on your own dream bedroom.

A Good Mattress

Our Top 5 Bedroom Essentials | MyBoysen

Growing up, my bed was made up of two thin, lopsided mattresses stacked on top of each other. I habitually slept on one particular side of the bed near the wall. As a result, there was a permanent dent on the mattresses that gave me a persistent stiff neck and a sore back. When I was finally able to get a good quality mattress, the difference it made in my sleep was incomparable.

Blackout Curtains

Our Top 5 Bedroom Essentials | MyBoysen

Some people can fall asleep literally anytime, anywhere, and in any condition. Not me, though. Even the smallest sliver of light can keep me awake at night. If you’re like me, purchase some blackout curtains. They’re thicker, more opaque curtains that can shut out the light from your windows. The only downside to this is that my body can’t tell if it’s already morning. Remind me to set 3 alarms in the morning, okay?

Freshly Painted Walls

Our Top 5 Bedroom Essentials | MyBoysen

I still remember how my bedroom looked when I was growing up. It was painted bright yellow and the walls were peppered with stickers that I’d buy from small stalls outside my school. Of course, there came a point in my life that shiny, lemon yellow walls no longer sparked joy for me. I repainted my bedroom a calming blue shade in the base paint of Virtuoso Silk Touch.  Because it was in matte finish, I was no longer blinded by the glare of my ceiling lights.

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Luxurious Bedsheets

Our Top 5 Bedroom Essentials | MyBoysen

My personal collection of sheets growing up consisted of cheap, scratchy covers with undoubtedly ripped off designs from famous cartoons. Needless to say it wasn’t as comfortable as I’d wanted them to be. I invested in two sets of the silkiest sheets in minimalist shades. Yes, they were a bit pricey. But, nothing beats the feeling of soft, silk sheets against your face at night.

Relaxing Scents

Our Top 5 Bedroom Essentials | MyBoysen

Scent plays a powerful role among our five senses. Certain scents and smells can evoke memories from childhood, from memorable travels, or from a loved one. Use this to your advantage by figuring out what scent puts you in a good mood and bring that close to home. You’d be surprised to know how many different scented candles and diffusers are out there!

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Let us know what you think!

These are my personal top 5 items to invest in when it comes to creating your perfect bedroom. Do you have any other suggestions that you’d like us to know? Send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to hear from you guys! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for curated weekly email blasts filled with color inspirations and fun DIY activities for you guys to try out.


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