Revamping your dining room can dramatically influence the ambiance and mood of the space, transforming it into a welcoming and stylish area for simple meals or elaborate gatherings. By carefully curating hues, you can create a dining room that reflects your personal taste and complements your home’s overall aesthetic. Go for the bold and vibrant hues of the Abundance Color Palette from the Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025 collection.

Poppy Fields

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenA bright reddish orange hue like Poppy Fields can energize dining rooms. It stimulates the appetite, promotes excitement, and adds personality to the space, making it ideal for memorable gatherings and lively conversations.

Cherry Kiss

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenTry something different with the deep, reddish pink hue of Cherry Kiss for your dining room. Deep pink hues bring warmth, fun, and a touch of romance to any space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for at-home dinner dates.

Honey, I’m Good

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenOrange walls in the dining room create a lively and inviting vibe, infusing the space with some much needed warmth and energy. Use the vibrant orange hue of Honey, I’m Good on your dining room walls.

Sunflower Season

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenPainting your dining room walls with the sunny yellow hue of Sunflower Season can bring an uplifting feeling to the space. This energizing hue stimulates fun convos and fosters a cheerful atmosphere, perfect for busy reunions with loved ones.

Nature Walk

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenGood food and great conversations need not be rushed. Foster a serene atmosphere around the dining table that’s perfect for quiet and relaxed catch ups with friends and family. Paint your dining room walls with the calming green hue of Nature Walk.

Life Sprout

Dining Room Hues with the Abundance Color Palette | MyBoysenPainting your dining room walls a shade of light green brings a refreshing and tranquil ambiance to the space. This bright, pastel hue strikes the perfect balance for relaxation and revitalization. Consider using Life Sprout for your space.

Abundance Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette (like Abundance!) can set the tone for memorable dining experiences with friends and family. But aside from choosing the perfect hue, pick the right sheen for the space as well. Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025 hues are available in two variants: Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss and Virtuoso Silk Touch.

Permacoat Semi-Gloss is a water-based, semi-gloss paint that can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Virtuoso Silk Touch, on the other hand, is a water-based, matte paint that is formulated with an easy clean technology, perfect for high-traffic areas such as dining rooms. You can have all 24 colors of the Boysen Color Trend collection made at any Boysen Mix & Match Station near you. Just don’t forget to note down both the color name and the color code, and which base you’d like your hue to be mixed in.

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