Ska Night was the first of the many live gigs Boysen Beats hosted last year. In efforts to bring back the spotlight to the classics and the original Pinoy music, and to reach an even wider crowd, Boysen Beats moved their music sessions from the four walls of the recording studio to bigger venues with a live audience.

And I admit I didn’t know much about Ska, all I knew was that the moment the first performer hit that drum and blew the horn, all hell broke loose. Everyone was dancing like no one’s watching and the whole resto-bar turned into a large dancing hall. Right there I knew, the night’s going to be one for the books.

Let Loose and Dance to the Music of these Ska Bands from Boysen Beats

Ska is all about the rhythm and blues and the raw energy that hype up everyone around—all the while giving center stage to a strong horn section that provides the backbone of the melody. It’s rare now to find live gigs that highlight this music genre (even before the pandemic hit us) so we made sure to document all the festivities of the night for those who weren’t able to attend the gig. For those who were lucky to witness the legendary performances, it’s about time to relive them.

Get into the groove and not just dance but skank to the rhythm of these live performances from the best of the best Ska bands. If you don’t know how to skank, here’s a quick crash course: bend your arms at the elbow, punching the air with your arm while kicking the opposite leg out as if you’re running. Alternate your arms and legs, repeat the steps following the beat of the music (or not), and you’re good to go!


Boysen Beats Gigs: Ska Night | MyBoysen

Having been around for 25 years, one would think it’s time for this Angono rooted band to slow down and put down the brass and the microphone, but Neighbors prove that you’ll only get better and your passion gets stronger as time passes. They started out as an 8-piece Ska band and have gone through several changes but they remain on top of the game. Watch them perform their original tracks on the Boysen Beats stage by clicking the image. On your feet now, get set, go!

Follow their updates here.


Boysen Beats Gigs: Ska Night | MyBoysen

Although fairly new to the Ska music scene, Zcentido has already proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. Their vision to create an old-school-to-new-school type of music that caters to everyone around the world is already making its impact felt. Their sound is recognizable, as they try to show how Ska can evolve, with intense melodic grooves, smooth vocals, boxed with their own flair.

Check out their performance by clicking the image above. You can also get in touch with them through their official Facebook page.

SkabecheBoysen Beats Gigs: Ska Night | MyBoysen

Yes, their band name originated from that sweet and sour fish dish, but for a good reason. Mixing chunks of Ska, a slice of Punk, a large dice of Blues and Jazz, a cup of Classical, and a pinch of Reggae, Skabeche has successfully made a flavorful mark in the music industry. Staying true to their mantra, “Lutong Pinoy, Lasang Pinoy”, they spent over ten years of creating music that showcases the Filipino flavor and pizzazz. But they’re not just about skank dance moves and powerful performances, they made sure that they create an impact by using their voice to address important issues. Now, that’s what I call good music.

Stay in the loop by following their official page. To watch their Boysen Beats performance, click the image.


Boysen Beats Gigs: Ska Night| MyBoysenProbably the height of Ska revival in the Philippines, Put3ska was able to put Ska in the mainstream music scene. They were formed back in 1993 and was one of the leading bands who made the audience listen. Their original classics, “Short Stories”, “Sirang Romantiko” and “Manila Girl”, can still be heard on the radio on a Sunday. Heavily influenced by Jamaican and British Ska, Put3ska refers to itself as a 60s-oriented, 90s ska band.

If I were to pick just one favorite, it will be this band. When you watch them, you’ll know why. Click the image and be amazed.

The pandemic has halted all future live gigs so for now, you can watch these performances and more on Studio B. Just go to and look for Boysen Beats. See you around!


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