Hosting a Christmas get together at home soon? Try these festive dining room colors that are perfect, not just for the holidays, but for the new year ahead!

Ravishing Reds

Festive Dining Room Colors for the Holidays | MyBoysen

What’s a Christmas color palette without the quintessentially Christmas hue, red? Instead of going for a color that Father Christmas would rock as he delivers your gifts, try deeper, darker shades of red for the walls of your dining room. Our recommendation? Try V-30C Spanish Twirl from the Virtuoso 123 palette.

This ravishing red hue is available in the Virtuoso Silk Touch base. It’s virtually odor-free which lessens the down time after your repainting project. But most of all, it’s formulated with an easy clean technology that makes Christmas messes (hello, wine spills) easy to clean from your walls!

Gorgeous Greens

Festive Dining Room Colors for the Holidays | MyBoysen

Have you ever spent your Christmas up in Baguio City? It’s a different experience altogether. Sipping on some hot chocolate as you watch the gently swaying pine trees in the cold December air hits different. Bring some of Baguio’s natural old world charm by painting your dining room walls with an earthy green hue like HH-21-G46 Broccoli Salad from the Healthy Home palette.

This gorgeous green hue is available in the Boysen Healthy Home base. It’s low-odor, low-VOC, and lead-free. Furthermore, it’s formulated to be anti-bacterial which keeps your walls safe from harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. If you’re family’s experiencing a baby boom right now and toddlers run amok, try Healthy Home for your walls.

Glittering Golds

Festive Dining Room Colors for the Holidays | MyBoysen

Feeling a little extra? Recreate the opulent walls of The Palace of Versailles itself in your own dining room with the glittering gold hue of Perlescente Arezzo base with Perla di Luce Gold. Time to take a ton of family photos with this grandiose backdrop. Because did you even celebrate Christmas with your family if you didn’t fill your phone’s gallery with almost a thousand photos?

DECORe Perlescente is a decorative, environment-friendly paint finish that uses natural oxides to create interiors with hints of gold and silver. Its technologically advanced formulation blends resins in a water-based solution and provides metallic accents that give your home a beautiful atmosphere of exclusivity and prestige.

Some Final Notes

Make your dining room a feast for the eyes with these hues. Need more inspiration? Check the article below for ideas!

Festive and Sparkly: Color Palettes to Get You in the Christmas Mood

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