Make cooking and meal prepping extra magical in the kitchen with the extraordinary hues from the Alchemy Color Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025. The Alchemy Color Palette is a combination of warm and cool colors. Check out the hues below and pick which ones matches your home’s aesthetic the best.

Alchemy Color Palette

Solar Essence

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysen

Cooking breakfast while feeling groggy is not fun, nor is it safe. Paint your kitchen with the bright and sunny hue of Solar Essence to wake you up. Of course, having a cup of coffee helps, too.

Thinking of using Solar Essence in your kitchen? Don’t forget to use the yellow-tinted primer Boysen Permacoat Flat CP60. You can have this mixed at any Boysen Mix & Match Station.

Sage’s Remedy

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysen

Does cooking stress you out? Create a calmer atmosphere in the kitchen by painting your walls with a soothing green hue like Sage’s Remedy.

Clear Quartz

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysen

Make your kitchen look effortlessly chic with the lone neutral hue of the Alchemy Color Palette, Clear Quartz. Keep the space from looking too cold by incorporating warm elements like wooden countertops and cabinets.

Obsidian (backsplash only)

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysenWhen it comes to kitchen hues, the color black like Obsidian doesn’t usually make it to the top of the list. Some would deem it a bit too dark, especially for an area where you need to see very well. Even so, you can still incorporate small amounts of this hue into the kitchen by using it as an accent wall for areas like a backsplash.

Love Potion

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysenFor many, cooking can be considered as an unofficial love language.  It can be concocting a delicious and nourishing meal for your family or having cooking date nights with your significant other. Encourage that feeling of love in the kitchen with the romantic, dark pink hue of Love Potion.

When using Love Potion, use the red-tinted primer Boysen Permacoat Flat CP70 instead of a regular white primer to make sure the color comes out perfect. Like CP60, you can have this primer mixed at any Boysen Mix & Match Station as well.

Mage’s Cloak

Kitchen Hues with the Alchemy Color Palette | MyBoysenCooking is like magic. You mix and match different ingredients to come up with a myriad of dishes that delight the taste buds. If so, what’s a more fitting hue for the kitchen than a mystical purple hue? Try the otherworldly purple of Mage’s Cloak for your kitchen.

BOYSEN Color Trend 2024/2025

All these hues are available in both Permacoat Semi-Gloss and Virtuoso Silk Touch. Permacoat Semi-Gloss can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete surface. So, if you have an outdoor kitchen, consider trying these hues out there, too! Virtuoso Silk Touch, on the other hand, is only for interior painting. However, it’s formulated with an easy clean technology that makes wiping away household dirt and stains (like oil and food spills from cooking) a breeze.

Alchemy is just one of the four themes for this year’s Boysen Color Trend. We also have Awakening, Artistry, and Abundance. Check out the website to find out more! Do you have any other questions on paints, colors, or Boysen Color Trend? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help! Subscribe to the blog for weekly short and sweet paint and DIY inspirations sent straight to your emails. Happy painting!


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