Got a problem that needs solving? Boysen might just have the answer. We have a good number of products that prevent and address some of the most common issues and concerns that arise when it comes to painting. Check it out!

1. For Chalking Paint: Boysen Chalk Blocker

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Namumulbos? You will notice chalking as powder on the surface of your paint. Run a hand on your wall and some of it will rub off on you. If you don’t see other serious problems accompanying the chalking, an effective way to deal with this issue is to use Boysen Chalk Blocker.

Boysen Chalk Blocker is used to prime previously painted concrete surfaces that are experiencing chalking. Boysen Chalk Blocker binds chalk residue to the substrate eliminating the need to completely remove all chalk residue on the wall. Simply clean the surface (it’s alright if some chalkiness gets left behind), apply Boysen Chalk Blocker, wait 24 hours, and recoat with a suitable topcoat.

Learn more about chalking and Boysen Chalk Blocker here.

2. For Moisture Blushing: Boysen Lacquer Flo

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If you’ve worked with wood, you know that moisture blushing can be a problem. Moisture blushing is when moisture gets trapped in a coated surface and causes the clear topcoat to turn milky white. This is particularly troublesome when painting in cold, wet, or humid weather conditions. Having to fix it isn’t an easy feat either as you’ll most likely have to sand it back to bare.

Avoid the problem before it even starts. Boysen Lacquer Flo slows down the drying process to minimize moisture entrapment that leads to moisture blushing. Use it for when you’re working with lacquer products like Boysen Clear Gloss Lacquer (for a glossy clear finish) or Boysen Automotive Lacquer (for a Duco finish).

Learn more about moisture blushing and Boysen Lacquer Flo here.

3. For Dampness on Concrete: Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion

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Now, let’s talk about moisture and concrete. Dampness on your concrete surface can cause paint problems as well—and awful ones too. Blistering and peeling paint are prime examples of what can happen when there is excessive moisture on your room walls.

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is a water-based, acrylic coating that serves as a barrier against dampness on concrete surfaces. It acts as a sealer so that the moisture from the concrete will not seep through and damage your paint. It’s especially useful if you’re putting up wallpaper or if you have a problem with condensation due to a shared wall between two rooms. Just keep in mind that Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is not a topcoat nor is it a waterproofing product.

Learn more about Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion and when to use it here.

4. For Rusting on Metal: Boysen Metal Etching Solution

Rust if left untreated spreads to more and more areas of your metal surface, eventually eating away at it. Soon enough, the metal may look so dilapidated that you’ll have no choice but to replace it entirely. It’s best to take care of the problem before it gets to this point.

There are quite a few steps involved in treating rust and using Boysen Metal Etching Solution may be crucial to the process. Boysen Metal Etching Solution is a chemical solution rust converter. It reacts with rust to prevent it from spreading and further damaging the metal.

Learn more about treating rust and Boysen Metal Etching Solution here.

5. For Water Seepage: Boysen Plexibond

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Parts of the home that will benefit from waterproofing include firewalls, parapet walls, concrete gutters, roof decks, and bathrooms. Boysen Plexibond can be used for all of these.

Boysen Plexibond is a cementitious waterproofing system. Upon application, it creates a seamless, impenetrable layer that disperses any water upon contact, making it ideal for positive-side waterproofing. Positive-side waterproofing means applying waterproofing measures on the side of the wall that comes in direct contact with moisture or water.

Learn more about Boysen Plexibond and its waterproofing abilities here.

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