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The Architect and Design category of the Let it B | MyBoysen blog is about the world of architects and designers and the lifestyle trends of the world today.

A section Espasyo is also for the videos the team will make about the works of these professionals. We started it just right before the lockdown in March. We hope to continue the series after this pandemic when it will be safe for our clients and our team to go out again and do shoots on location.

Architecture & Design Category

This part of the blog offers a glimpse into the world of these professionals so that our readers can have a better understanding of what goes on in the design and construction of their homes, offices and living spaces. Having these professionals as your partners when you are building a place of your own is not a luxury but a necessity. The expertise they bring into a project cannot be underestimated.

Architects and interior designers undergo rigorous study. These fields are truly the merging of left and right brain thinking, when logic and creativity have to be combined well, in order for the right results to come to fruition.

Although there are many DIY tips and advice that our readers can find in Let it B | MyBoysen, these are about just a fraction of what a build requires. This blog talks about the proper use of our products and about color trends in architectural paint.

Building a structure is a complex undertaking. There are many different kinds of expertise that come into play to be able to achieve a beautiful and safe structure, something that owners and residents can be proud of.

In the category Architecture + Design, we try to bring in the experts to talk about their world. We are just at the beginning of rolling this out. Please subscribe to this blog to make sure you get updated the moment a new post is published.