Hi, Homies,

Happy New Year to you!

Did you get up at dawn to greet 2024 with a quiet ritual? Or were you partying all night so no early morning jaunts for you? Maybe you were hurkle-durkling (centuries-old Scottish term that means lounging in bed long after it’s time to get up) your way through the start of this new year?

It seems like 2023 whooshed by so fast. And now it’s hello, 2024!

Happy New Year, Homies! | MyBoysen

I chose that photo for a reason. It makes me think of one of the Boysen projects the team has been working on since the first half of last year. We’re so excited to share our new baby but our lips are zipped until it’s time to launch. Soon.

What other thoughts come to my mind while looking at that underwater landscape?

  • Be more attentive to the world around me.
  • Step out of comfort zones and explore other worlds.
  • Feel the energy and go where it flows.
  • Be aware of the power of thought; make it the energy that manifests what lies deep inside my heart.
  • Choose the energy of love instead of fear.

I watched a video of author and podcaster Lewis Howes and his guest, yogic master Sadghuru, who said:

“First of all, you must decide, is your life in pursuit of happiness or is it an expression of joy? … This life is a complete life by itself. If this is a complete life, it’s joyful, loving, wonderful by its own nature. Now, when it’s feeling so wonderful, it may want to share this wonderfulness with people around…”

Years ago, I would say to myself to hit the ground running. But this year, I’d rather get my bearings first and ask myself where I want to go. So for now, it’s all just about deep breathing and being grateful for January 1, 2024.

And you? Are you the type to write down your new year’s resolutions? If that sparks joy, I wish you all the best.

We all have our way of doing things, just like what we do when we create our living spaces. We know when it’s right (despite or because of trends) when we feel that strong sense of being home.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, creative, and colorful 2024!



Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions (https://talkinglions.com). She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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