Sometimes, just looking at colors and swatches online just doesn’t cut it. As much as we try to match our painted swatches with its digital counterpart, discrepancies are still bound to be there. If you’re really specific about a color that you want, it’s best to go through our collection of fandecks as reference materials. The next best thing? Drop by Philconstruct Mindanao this September and visit the Boysen Color Library Booth!

Invitation to Philconstruct Mindanao 2023

Boysen Color Library Goes to Davao! | MyBoysen

There are only 3 things that you need to remember. First of all, Philconstruct Mindanao 2023 is happening on September 7 to 9, 2023. That’s from Thursday to Saturday. Second, it’s going to be at the SMX Convention Center Davao inside SM Lanang Premier. Finally, the Boysen Color Library booth is going to be there. Drop by and say hello!

Boysen Color Library Booth

The Boysen Color Library booth is the traveling spin-off of our concept store, The Color Library. The booth itself might not have all 1,320 Colorbooks like the one in our concept store, but it definitely makes up for it with some other things!

01: Decorative Finish Shelf

Boysen Color Library Goes to Davao! | MyBoysen

We couldn’t physically fit all 1,320 Colorbooks in the booth, but we did make space to feature Boysen’s decorative finishes. Our decorative finish shelf features products such as Acrytex (Yes, this paint can be applied in different textures.), DECORe Classic, DECORe Perlescente, and Marmorino. If you’re thinking of adding an accent wall in your living space, head on over to this shelf first to check out all the painted panels!

02: Konstrukt Lunar Series Panels

Invitation to Philconstruct Visayas 2023 | MyBoysen

The modern cement finish has never been as popular as it is right now. It’s everywhere, from fancy restaurants and hip beach-side resorts to cute coffee shops and clothing stores. Get the look at home by using Konstrukt Lunar Series. It’s a collection of 9 modern cement finishes that uses Konstrukt Construction Chemical products. The Boysen Color Library booth features 9 large-format panels of the different finishes of Konstrukt Lunar Series. Take a look for yourself!

03: Hidden Table Pull-Outs

Boysen Color Library Goes to Davao! | MyBoysen

Here in Boysen, we try to cater to all of your architectural painting needs. So, we have different kinds of paints for different types of application. Need to paint your roof? Try Roofgard. Revamping the concrete floors of your garage? Use Acqua Epoxy. Freshening up the wooden shelf installations in your kitchen? We recommend Oil Wood Stain. But where can I see their swatches?

Here’s an insider tip for you so you don’t miss out. The tables in the middle of the Boysen Color Library booth? There are pull outs on each side. Aside from Colorbooks, Decorative Paint Finishes, and Konstrukt Lunar Series, we’re also featuring other types of paints in painted panel form. Just be careful not to hit other booth visitors when you check the pull-outs!

04: Colorbooks

Yes, we couldn’t physically fit all 1,320 of our Colorbooks in the Boysen Color Library booth even if we wanted to. But, we made sure to include a few hundred ones (which is already a lot!). These Colorbooks are actual painted panels using Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex as a base. If any of these hues speak to your soul, make sure to take note of the color code and color name so you can have it mixed in any Boysen Mix and Match station!

FAQ: Can I take the “books” home?

Please refrain from taking the Colorbooks or any painted panels home. They’re a part of our exhibit and we’d love for others to see the colors for themselves as well. Feel free to take a picture (and tag us on Instagram) if any of them strike your fancy.

Do you have any other questions about Philconstruct Mindanao or the Boysen Color Library booth? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help. See you in the booth!


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