Let it B Home


Paint can make homes inviting and appealing. Paint colors change dimensions of a space visually, which means you can use paint to expand the feel of a space or make it seem smaller. Colors add depth, drama, vivacity, and even a feeling of calmness.

What’s great about painting the different rooms in your home is that there are no rules, only yours. Walls are a blank slate, and your color choices can ideally convey your personality and character, unless you want to take on another persona.

Warm colors like peach, yellow, or yummy pink can exude vibrancy and uniqueness. Cool colors such as blue and green create a chill, laid-back aura and a feeling of relaxation.

Explore Your Surroundings for Wall Paint Ideas

In this Boysen blog, we offer tips on how to best use our paint products, color inspirations and trends, also lifestyle trends, and expert advise from interior designers and architects. These are all helpful but choosing the best color options for your walls and your home is entirely up to you. Which is the best thing because color is very personal.

The only thing to remind yourself about is that there’s no need to conform. Open your mind for new color choices. Take time to consider new color possibilities for your walls.

Before, it would be easy to get the feel of colors just by strolling around an art museum, visiting a posh store, or checking out a new restaurant in your area. Those are no longer optimal because of health concerns. But don’t fret, you can still leaf through magazines, surf the internet, or take a walk around your community park while practicing social distancing. The sources of inspiration are endless. All these can help you broaden your perspective, and maybe give you that courage to try new colors for your home.

There is a multitude of color inspirations available at Boysen Philippines to add life to your walls and homes. Read the posts and get inspired.