You can’t deny it. A stylish bathroom is an asset. One feels at ease in a bathroom that’s clean and tidy. You can take your time doing your business and feel fresh once you’re done. Plus, it leaves a good impression on guests who may use it. If you’re not ready for a remodel, try these fast and easy tips first.

Minimize Clutter

5 Fast Tips That Make Any Bathroom Look More Stylish | MyBoysen For a lot of us, this may be the most dreaded task on this list. Organizing a space, especially if it already feels like it’s overrun with clutter, is definitely easier said than done. However, clutter is a visual eyesore and a neat space is essential to keeping a room looking at least presentable and at best stunning. Aside from the look of a room, we’re betting you’ll even feel better once the mess goes. Keep the essentials and get rid of the things that you rarely use—you can do it!

Get a Tray for Your Counter

5 Fast Tips That Make Any Bathroom Look More Stylish | MyBoysen Here’s a secret. You can make a group of items—say, the skincare products you regularly use that are placed on the bathroom counter—look less messy by grouping them in a small tray or shallow basket. This works because it takes several things and turns them into just one element, making it look more orderly and purposeful. Try it because it does actually work.

Color Coordinate

5 Fast Tips That Make Any Bathroom Look More Stylish | MyBoysen Choose your colors wisely. Having a clear and instantly identifiable color palette goes a long way in making a room feel stylish and put-together. It gives it cohesiveness and direction. The 60-30-10 rule will come in very handy with this. For small bathrooms, lighter colors can make the space feel airier and brighter. These hues can better reflect light around the room creating the effect of a bigger space. We suggest warm whites which are not only softer on the eyes but will also lend the space a subtle coziness.

Bring in Texture

5 Fast Tips That Make Any Bathroom Look More Stylish | MyBoysen Don’t underestimate the impact of texture in a room. Add it to a space and see how well it brings in liveliness and depth. Especially in a bathroom where you have a lot of smooth and hard surfaces, texture is a very welcome addition. You can achieve more texture through a fluffy bath mat, storing neatly folded towels in open shelving and towel racks, and hand towels near the sink.

Use Containers

5 Fast Tips That Make Any Bathroom Look More Stylish | MyBoysen Go a step further and consider getting decant containers for your shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and other frequently used hygiene products. There are tons of places now to get beautiful containers at a low price (Ikea is just one of them!). You can even get pump dispensers to make bath time a little bit more convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get clean! Need more tips? Find color inspo for your bathroom in the Room Paint Ideas section of this blog. And, if you liked this blog post, subscribe to the Let It B newsletter! We’ll send you a short and sweet email every week about paint, colors, and home interiors.


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