Color Trends


If you are thinking of (re)painting your homes, look up the Boysen Color Trend, which comes out every year since 2015. There are four color palettes per year which you can choose from.

What Colors Appeal to You Now?

Our color tastes change over time. The color palettes that appealed to us before may not be doing their magic now. People change, tastes change. The good thing is that who we are at any given time can easily be expressed in our homes. Paint your walls with your present color story. With paint, it is easy to let the colors of your homes change along with you.

Creating a Color Trend

Creating a Color Trend is a labor of love. Under the guidance of a leading global color expert, Boysen chooses the palettes in collaboration with parters in the Nova Paint Club, an organization of leading private paint companies around the world.

The whole process to realize an annual Color Trend takes a year, starting from research on the trends until the colors are available to you.