Awww, he made his old skimboard into a pegboard. What about the memories, man? And it was a cool wall art to begin with. But I get it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have such a small space then you would need to have something functional, not only decorative. Watch how he changed his old skimboard and gave it a new purpose.

Rethink Your Space

Working from home and online learning have become part of our world. Two years ago, most of us would just shove things around and have makeshift solutions for such activities like using the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, or even the terrace as temporary spaces where household members could do what they have to do.

The challenge is to actually have some space to store things for certain activities, and not put them all on the table. When this is your MO, you will end up with a full table. Story of my life. While I admire the quiet, serene, clean spaces of a minimalist home, I was born with a soul of a pack rat. Somewhere along the way since the pandemic started, my organized spirit also left me. So now I have a war zone for an unused guest room that has become the laundry area where clean clothes, towels, and bed linens are folded and piled but not put away. As for my 6-seater dining table, this has become so messy that the dust bunnies under the piles of documents are spawning offsprings.

Ok, back to rethinking your space. Perhaps if I write it, I can finally do it.

If you can’t go horizontal (meaning there’s not enough table space for your things), then go vertical. I would do this only if my work area is located in a place where I can shut the door. It is not as much as keeping people out but more of keeping my messiness out of sight. Although in reality, I am beyond feeling any kind of embarrassment. If you have a pegboard, make sure you are the type who is able to curate it and make it look good. After all, pegboards are in plain sight, just like refrigerators with so many things stuck to it, like children’s art which is good or loads of takeout menus. If you’re like me, you may find printouts of exercise routines which I never followed. It just gives me a kind of comfort and satisfaction to look at them now and then. Hopefully, the looking can translate into exercising the body through magic. That’s still a hope of mine.

Turn Your Skimboard Into a Pegboard (VIDEO) | MyBoysen
Stylish counters with utensils and pegboards on light wall in kitchen

Here’s a pegboard used in the kitchen. Not only is it functional, it also adds to the decor. Therefore, don’t forget to ask yourself first if you’re the tidy type before installing this in your kitchen. Usually, if you are going to put heavy things on it, make sure that your pegboard material is strong enough and that you install it securely on the wall using the right hangers, hooks, and heavy-duty anchors. Also, get yourself some S-hooks. These are available in many places. Lazada and Shopee experts would know how to go about budol-ing that.

Visit MOA Square

You know what? Go visit IKEA first. They have pegboards and metal S-hooks and loads of ideas to steal. Then after IKEA, mosey on down to The Color Library (just a few steps away) and explore the 1,320 colors we have there. Some of them are even the Scandinavian collection for all those who love Scandi interior design.

Just look around. Enjoy. Dream. If a color gives you a siren call, succumb and buy yourself a 200 mL pot to test at home.

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