Refurbishing any part of the home is not always the most pleasant of tasks. For a lot of us, the best-case scenario is that the project lasts a good long while whether it be in terms of durability or style. For the latter, if you’re thinking about redecorating your kitchen, earthy neutrals are a great option.

The Case for Earthy Neutrals for Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike “fashionable” hues that rise and fall in popularity, earthy neutrals are classic colors that, granted, can be safe choices but are timeless picks. They may not always be in the spotlight of design magazines. They are, however, cozy and inviting colors that have great longevity.

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysen

When done right, earthy neutrals can easily turn a kitchen chic and elegant—and keep it that way for a good while. After all, you don’t want to be redoing your kitchen every few years.

“Choosing the right earthy neutral paint idea for your kitchen cabinets all depends on your preferences,” says Emily Moorman, the Paint and Color Editor of Homes & Gardens.

“The consensus from designers is that all types of earthy neutrals, such as beige, brown, and clay tones work well in achieving an on-trend and pared-back scheme – just be sure to avoid stark white and harsh black,” she adds.

Earthy Neutrals from Boysen Quick Drying Enamel

Boysen Quick Drying Enamel is an alkyd-type paint for wood and metal surfaces. If you have wooden kitchen cabinets, this is an excellent paint product to use. It’s reliably durable, has superior hiding properties, and comes in a beautiful high gloss finish.

There are quite a few nature-inspired, calming hues to pick from in Boysen Quick Drying Enamel’s available colors. And if there’s nothing you fancy from those, you can also mix pastel to medium colors yourself with Boysen Oil Tinting Colors. (Tip: The Boysen App has a tool called Mix Your Colors to help you out.)

Check out these kitchen cabinets in Quick Drying Enamel colors.

Silver Gray B-630

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysen

This may be one of the shades that first comes to mind when you come across the term “earthy neutral.” You wouldn’t be wrong either. Take a chance on this beautiful ashy brown.

Medium Gray B-631

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysen

Here’s an elegant shade for your kitchen cabinets. It works well with a wide range of hues. For example, picture it with other minimalist neutrals. You can opt to add pops of color in the way of appliances, plates, and cutlery. If not, that’s fine too.

Dark Green B-651

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysenA color reminiscent of lush forests, turn your kitchen into a serene nature-like escape. Being a dark color, there’s less worry about it looking dirty and stained too. Plus, Quick Drying Enamel’s high gloss finish makes it easy to wipe clean.

Sammy Brown B-685

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysen

You can also opt for a darker brown close to the color of the earth. Then, consider going for lighter colors like white for other features in your kitchen such as the countertop and island to balance the space.

Raw Sienna B-2314 (Boysen Oil Tinting Colors)

Earthy Neutrals: Timeless Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets | MyBoysen

A good alternative to white is beige and cream. To get the shade above, take a 4 L container of Boysen Quick Drying Enamel in white and a 250 mL container of Boysen Oil Tinting Colors in Raw Sienna.

Want more ideas for your kitchen? We’ve got a lot of them in the Kitchen section of this blog. You can also see all the readily available colors for Boysen Quick Drying Enamel here.

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