Reverse House is an unusual shift from the residential norm. Principal Architect, Ryan Paul Untivero of RU Design+Build said, “This project repositions standards of the context while valuing functionality yet creating a visually striking form.”

He was briefed to create a house that is based on the concept of reverse living, which has the living area, dining room, and kitchen on the second floor, while bedrooms are on the ground floor.

Reverse House by RU Design+Build | MyBoysen
Photo: RU Design+Build

Named after the concept, Reverse House’s primary function maximizes for opportune moments to connect while maintaining a sense of privacy.

The façade showcases varying levels of volumes, offering a new experience from every angle. The expansive glass elements bring an elevated sense of luxury capturing the attention from the streetscape. Considered in every detail, the build uses a refined material palette creating a distinct presence.

Reverse House by RU Design+Build | MyBoysen
Photo: RU Design+Build

As an initiative to explore reverse living, a series of cleverly arranged linear forms allows the ground floor to be discreetly hidden behind the sculptural stairway, as well as sees the second floor open to the east-west orientation and connects to the surrounding landscape–featuring picturesque views of Mt. Makiling, Tagaytay Ridge, and Laguna de Bay.

While the thematic lies on the reverse living concept, the clients also noted efforts gearing towards sustainability. Taking cues from the site condition, passive cooling has been utilized by employing louvered windows commonly known as “jalousie windows”. LED lighting and solar energy provide for energy conservation and efficiency. With these endeavors, RU Design+Build built a responsible home for both the present and the future.

Reverse House successfully encapsulated the client’s vision and lifestyle focusing on the quality of the lived experience.

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