Most people are caught up in the grind that they don’t think about retirement, except perhaps for longing for it. Especially with a stressful job, having to endure the traffic everyday to go to work, or maybe having colleagues that don’t make the workplace inviting, people in their senior years think that after retirement, everything would be great. There will be no need to wake up early. And when you do wake up, you will have endless days of me time waiting for you.

Plan for Retirement

Planning for retirement is not only getting your affairs in order financially (which is a luxury for most retirees in any case), but it is also important to prepare your mind for this phase in life.

Just Retired? Give Yourself And Your Home A Refresh | MyBoysen
Playing Mahjong

After weeks of visiting relatives and friends, savoring all the food you missed, playing mermaid (or merman) in the Philippine seas, reading all those books that you bought but never got to open, listening to music and watching films all day and night long if you want, going full out Marites with your ka-age group, involve yourself more extensively in your church, play mahjong…, you’ll maybe wake up one day and ask yourself while feeling a little aimless, “What am I going to do today?”

Some people love the thought of retirement. Some dread it, especially those who are not financially ready. Yet even if you are okay with your financial setup, studies show that some may still feel uncertainty and angst. This is not surprising since retirement is a major change in life. Research has shown that some retirees may feel boredom, isolation, loneliness, and a lack of purpose.

Give Your Home a Refresh

Now that you have time to stay home, look around and plan to give your home a refresh, maybe even a renovation. The home that you enjoyed for years may not fit your needs now that you are hitting your senior years.

There were two people who inspired this post.

The first one told me that her father, who came home after a long time abroad doing engineering work, is doing some work around their home now and needs instructions on what Boysen paint products to use and how to use them. That “some work” includes renovations in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, including repainting of cabinets and small interior enhancements.

It seems like her dad is asking all sorts of questions about the different Boysen paint products. So he is now in touch regularly with the Boysen technical team via a friend. No worries, our Boysen engineers are willing and able. They’re a helpful bunch.

Just Retired? Give Yourself and Your Home A Refresh | MyBoysen
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

The second person, who inspired me to write this post, told me that he was planning to build a home for him and his wife, now that they are empty nesters. The current home would still be there for the kids when they and their families came home to the country for visits.  He felt that this passion project will give him and his wife a new purpose in life, and will enhance their relationship even more.

With a lot of excitement, he shared some of his plans and it sounded gorgeous. Even the style he chose is very modern. The Konstrukt Lunar Series would be a great finish to use in this couple’s new dream home. Judging from the current home, which he designed and built lovingly, this new one would also be stunning. I can’t wait to invite myself.

Ways to Manage Retirement

I’ve been through many major life transitions myself, and retirement is looming for me. So I have naturally read about this to prepare myself. Here are the some of the ways that resonate with me, and hopefully also with you if you too are looking at retirement.

1. Cherish Your Relationships

Just Retired? Give Yourself and Your Home A Refresh | MyBoysen

If you have a life partner, plan your next steps together. He or she may be undergoing the same transition, and even if that’s not the case yet, make this an adventure for both of you. Deepen the coupledom.

Look for buddies to do things with because your partner may not want to join you in all the things you’d like to do like playing golf, going on long bike rides, learning ballroom dancing, or going to the theater.

2. Take Up Dream Activities

Pursue those hobbies that you never had time for or were put on hold because of work and bringing up a family. You may even parlay those hobbies to become entrepreneurial pursuits. An example would be to use your work experience to become a trainer, coach, or mentor.

If you’ve always done brain work, maybe now is the time to try your hand at crafts that would fire up your creativity and imagination, as well as improve your fine motor skills. Who knows? You may uncover a hidden talent.

In short, sing, dance, and be merry. Life is short.

3. Find Your Happy Place

What kind of things do you want to do at this stage in your life? Do you want the same lifestyle or do you want a change? Do you want nature to be more accessible?

Ask yourself what your happy place is. Find it then organize your life so that you can stay there.

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