Hotel Interiors


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, opened in 1960 and considered to be one of Arne Jacobsen’s most iconic projects, is a metallic, rectangular tower seemingly out of place, jutting out among the low-lying buildings of Copenhagen. This building is designed by Arne Jacobsen, one of the most prominent Danish designers from the 20th Century, known mostly for his distinctive chair designs. Although the hotel has changed throughout the past decades, it has still retained its modernist, retro aesthetic to this day. The hotel’s façade, in addition to the furniture of the hotel, were designed by Jacobsen. The famous Egg chairs and Swan chairs can be found in the lobby, and the spiral staircase on the ground floor has been preserved since the 60s. The only part of the hotel that has been unchanged and left in its original design is room 606, the hotel’s most popular room. The second floor of…