Color Trend 2017


The Boysen and SM Home collaboration sprouted wings and flew down to the queen city of the south Cebu City. SM Home’s assistant vice president for Marketing Tom Castañeda organized a design event called The Essentials of Condo Living on February 24 and 25 at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium.

Boysen in SM Home Cebu City

The Cebuanos were treated to room vignettes to show how paint colors and home furnishings and accessories could be combined to make contemporary, cool living spaces. The Technology palette of Boysen Color Trend 2017 was the designers’ favorite, with the pink Techy Romantic being the showstopper.

How to Infuse Personality Into Your Home with Paint and Color

The crowd was very much into the talks given by the interior designers and stylists of the vignettes. Boysen was there to talk about how to use paint to make your homes become places you would be so happy and proud to call your own. Our very own Carla gave the following ten tips:

The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
White is a safe color
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Use pastels
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Grey is cool and modern
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Make accent walls like ombre
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Use colors from nature coz organic is in
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Black adds drama
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Open yourself to bold colors for functional features like doors
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Change room dimensions with stripes
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Geometric shapes for a modern feel
The Boysen x SM Home Collaboration in Cebu City
Embrace color

More Collaborations with SM Home

SM Home’s Tom has a lot of things on his drawing board. I’m sure Cebu is one of them but I don’t know where or when. So my advice to you, dear reader, is just continue visiting us here. We’ve got lots of things up our sleeve too 😀


In January, SM Home assistant vice president Tom Castaneda opened five room vignettes at the SM Home bridgeway in Makati featuring light and bright interiors to welcome the new year. This month, he changed everything and turned up the heat by painting the walls with three colors from the palette Maximal of Color Trend 2017. These are the intense hues of yellow and blue called Tuscan Sun and Designer Denim, respectively, and a cool greyish-green named High Society.

Palette Maximal, Color Trend 2017

Tom worked together with stylist Leona Laviña-Panutat to create what he called the “Looks of Love.” You won’t see any reds but the intensity is there! Here are the two friends taking a short rest in the middle of all the flurry.

Boysen x SM Home: Featuring Colors Tuscan Sun, Designer Denim and High Society
Leona Laviña-Panutat and Tom Castañeda
Boysen x SM Home: Featuring Colors Tuscan Sun, Designer Denim and High Society
Tom Castañeda and Leona Laviña-Panutat

Kitchen, Dining Room and Home Office

Tom designed the kitchen, dining room and home office spaces, and used vivid wall colors. He painted the kitchen and dining room walls with the fierce yellow of Tuscan Sun. For the home office, he combined Tuscan Sun with the deep, dark blue of Designer Denim to create an accent wall.

Like a dervish, he styled these three vignettes in just a few hours. See how the wall colors are subtly repeated in the furniture and accessories.

Bedroom and Living Room

Leona picked up the blue color and painted the bedroom wall with Designer Denim. This color works for a bedroom because it makes the space look dark and cozy, perfect for cocooning and deep slumber.

For the living room, Leona deviated from the blue and yellow theme, and painted a greyish-green hue called High Society. This color provides the living room with a more relaxed ambience. However, she does tie it in with the other room vignettes by choosing throw pillows with blues and yellows.

Bright Colors are Trending

Using bright colors for walls is trending around the world and in the Philippines as well. Millennials especially are not timid about using more intense hues. More and more people are comfortable with expressing their individuality, and colors are one way of doing that.

Styling tip: Balance your walls’ saturated hues with light neutrals in your furniture and home accessories. Look at the photos above and see the choices for rugs, fabrics, furniture, blonde wood, kitchen china, and cabinetry.

Visit the SM Home bridgeway in Makati to see the room sets. Get inspired. Don’t wait too long though because the Boysen x SM Home collaboration is on a roll, and we’ve got many other things lined up for you this year!

The Boysen x SM Home collaboration continues in 2018. The first project are the light and bright interiors of the latest room sets which you can find in the bridgeway of SM Home in Makati.

For January, SM Home assistant vice president for marketing Tom Castaneda, chose four of the light and cheerful colors from Color Trend 2017 as well as the specialty paint Perlescente from Boysen’s DECORe line. Here are the colors used for the five room sets.

Watch the video below to see Tom walking us through the different rooms – kitchen, dining room, living room, home office and bedroom. The paint colors are light and bright, and so are the furniture and accessories, all perfect for today’s condo living.

For more Boysen x SM collaborations:
Personalized Walls from Boysen at Complete Your Home with SM Home
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Boysen Talks about Paint Colors in SM Home Condo Essentials

Visit SM Home Makati before the second week of February to see the room sets.

You’re a proud owner of a cookie cutter, shoebox condo, but you’re a person of drama and passion and quirkiness and…you’re one of a kind, that’s all, and you’d want your condo to be as one-of-a-kind as you are. How hard can it be?

Get Big on Personality

Whether you own a studio or a one-bedroom unit, which usually ranges in size from 18 to 50 sqm, there are ways you can add personality to any space. The most basic way, and the easiest, is to veer away from the usual white, boxy look, and paint the space with colors that appeal to you even if they’re intense. Are you renting the place? No problem. If you want drama, you can very well afford to paint the walls in colors which are more to your taste, because paint is affordable, and also quick and easy.

Dark ≠ Small

There’s this designer tip that says that if you want to make a space look bigger, then use white, or light neutrals. That’s very good advice. But SM Home ventured to prove that even using dark colors doesn’t necessarily mean that you would get a cramped vibe. SM Home assistant vice president for marketing Tom Castaneda said that you can live comfortably without having to feel cooped up. He set himself and his designers up for a challenge by choosing colors from the palette Tradition of Boysen Color Trend 2017.

Inspiration for Condo Living

“Since small condos demand creativity when it comes to optimizing space, SM Home has turned to design experts to help highlight ways to do that through a series of condo-like set-ups, as well as expert-led talks.”

“There’s no shortage of furniture, accessories and small appliances that are designed specifically for condo living,” shares Tom. “SM Home is filled with compact yet stylish and multifunctional pieces that are, what we call, condo perfect!”

The Living Room

The deep and warm but restrained reddish tone of African Herbsman as an accent wall in the living room complement the predominantly light wood tones.

Designer: Ivy Crisostomo

The Bedroom

The cool and earthy quality of Scout’s Honor green in the bedroom is very well complemented by the warm tones of the wood finishes.

Designer: James Razo

The Kitchen

The deep green accent color Scout’s Honor shows that there is no need to be afraid of using deep or bold colors even in small spaces.

Designer: Maya Franco

The Dining Room

Accent color Tribal Teal was used, with some natural colors throughout the interior. The colors, the teal of the dining room and the green of the kitchen, create a cohesion between the two adjacent spaces.

Designer: Erika Uichanco

Go and see the interior set-ups at the Concourse at the Ground Floor of SM Makati. The exhibit will run until September 17. Also, there will be talks this coming weekend from 1 to 6 pm, September 16 to 17, so do drop by.







From September 12 to 17, you will see the palette Tradition of Boysen Color Trend 2017 in the room sets in SM Home’s The Essentials of Condo Living at the Concourse, Ground Floor, SM Makati.

The Root of Palette Tradition

The palette Tradition hints at the works of weavers and artisans, here and around the world, whose craftsmanship has been handed down to them by their ancestors. Old art forms in fabrics and weaves, like in our banigs, tinalak, inabel, ikat, to name a very few, were the basis for this palette. However, globalization and technological advancements have influenced tastes, so we have given a modern twist to the ethnic palette to make it more relevant to the aesthetics of Filipinos today.

See Tradition in SM Home Makati

SM Home has four room vignettes that you can go visit now at the Concourse at the Ground Floor in SM Makati.

Kitchen and Dining Room Vignettes at SM Makati
Bedroom and Living Room Vignettes at SM Makati

There will be talks from 1 to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17, where Boysen will give some painting tips and color inspirations.

There will be more opportunities for you to get style inspiration and design advice from other experts, including Design Workshops that you can join for free! So if you’re thinking about renovating your home, then do drop by and take advantage of this chance.

Let the colors of Tradition give your home a truly modern Filipino feel.






What are personalized walls exactly? These are walls that you can call your own, where you can put your mark on, paint on it with whatever it is that you want to create, using colors that appeal to you and never mind the rest of the family (if you don’t live alone, but ask permission at least). It is a space of individuality, YOURS. It could be a journal of dreams, YOURS. Or a manifestation of who YOU are.

Where you live, you can have as many personalized walls as there are walls, as many as your time allows, and as magnificent as your imagination is. Skill comes to play too but hey, if you’re the experimental type, no problem. If you’re more straitlaced, now is the time to take off the fetters that you put on yourself, and just let it rip. It’s paint. You can always change it if you don’t like it.

– Robin Sharma, Canadian writer and leadership speaker

Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing for SM Home, and Boysen continued the collaboration in August because the one in July was successful. This time though we wanted to up the ante by introducing personalized walls using more Color Trend 2017 colors.

So what kind of personalized walls did we use in this first round?

Hexagon High
Make It Metallic
Dreamy Ombre
The Quadruple Triangle
A Rebel’s Kitchen

More about the Rebel Yell kitchen here.

You will find the Complete Your Home at SM Home exhibit at the bridgeway in the fifth floor of SM Makati. You still have time to catch those personalized walls coz it ends on August 31.







For the outdoorsy type who wants to bring the blues of Boracay and Bohol into your kitchen, here’s a brightly intense blue from the Boysen Color Trend 2017 called Rebel Yell.

This is a kitchen for those people who may love food but do not want to spend too much time indoors to prepare it themselves. Give them a great coffeemaker and a small fridge, a few dishes, and that would be enough. They have better things to do, adventures to take, new worlds to conquer.

This kitchen vignette is one of five under the concept Complete Your Home, an inspired idea from Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing of SM Home.

Steal some ideas for your own kitchen and visit this exhibit in the bridgeway at the 5th floor of SM Makati on or before August 31.

Painting a wall a different color may just be a cosmetic facelift but it is arguably the most inexpensive way to achieve a radical makeover in your living spaces. To prove my point, look at the photos, and drag the arrows either left or right.


Home Office

Living Room


Dining Room

Boysen partnered with SM Home last month to paint the walls of five room sets, an exhibit called Complete Your Home that you can go and visit in the bridgeway at the 5th floor of SM Makati.

Last month, we used the Technology Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2017, with Tinderbox from the Minimal palette.

This month, we used colors chosen from three different palettes – Technology, Maximal and Minimal.

You have until end of August to catch the exhibit.





How do you style a bedroom and home office? This article was contributed by Jules Cruz. Her original post can be found here.

Can you possibly furnish a home with all things SM Home? You sure can. And that was the challenge given to me by SM Home’s AVP for Marketing Tom Castaneda. He called me one morning for a quick brief. Before I knew it, I was inside SM Makati’s 5th floor at five in the morning. It was exhilarating! We only had a few hours to choose, pull, and decorate each space before the mall opened. I felt like I was in a reality TV show.

SM Home’s Complete Your Home campaign has been running since June. We actually worked with existing frames/spaces originally designed by interior designers. So it was such a tall order because we’re not licensed interior designers! ???? This just goes to show that even normal people (like you and me) can actually make beautiful spaces and source all items under one roof. All you need is to get creative and have fun in the process.

THE BRIEF: We are furnishing spaces for a young newly-married couple. The husband is in finance and the wife is in marketing. ????

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: These are the frames we worked with. Notice Boysen’s special walls and paint colors! That’s Lory and I with her daughter Irvette. Lory is actually our helper who also loves handling styling projects with me. This is also her side gig! ????

The Bedroom

For this vignette, I chose to highlight Boysen’s interesting ombre wall paint against a light beige upholstered bed frame and matching nightstands. A pair of black modern droplights was added for form and function, and help keep both side tables spacious for the couple’s personal things. A light wood toned 5-drawer cabinet is also on display for added storage.

Muted colors and different textures were used that go well with choice accessories such as graphic throw pillows, a chunky blanket, area rugs with geometric print, a nice stool, and some table knick-knacks. It’s possible to create a relaxing and airy ambience in a master bedroom while injecting some character into the space. The result is a fresh, modern, minimalist vibe perfect for a young couple. You can find all of these right here in SM Home.

The Home Office

I styled a space for the couple to catch up on their reading, work on their finances, or simply talk about their day. With Boysen’s cheery combination of Techy Romantic, Space Encounter, and Shimmer Shake, this home office beams with energy and optimism through clever use of colors using a dynamic geometric pattern. These lines continue with the use of a cage light and an accent area rug.

The room is kept functional with spacious ladder-type bookshelves and an ample-sized work desk. The sofa bed is a comfy reading nook that doubles as extra sleeping space for their guests. A floor lamp adds useful lighting for the desk, while carefully selected accessories infuse warmth and character into the space. With the couple’s hectic professions and fast-paced lifestyles, I envisioned a vibrant yet peaceful home office that doesn’t feel like work.

Do visit SM Makati’s 5th floor for our latest display! ???? It’s there for the whole month of August.






What do Crystal Sparkle, Barenaked and Basic Blend have in common? They are the light neutrals of Boysen Color Trend 2017.

These colors can be counterpoints to the dark colors in the Color Trend 2017. They can also be used together to create a monochromatic palette. They can also stand alone if you want your rooms to have a minimal and serene ambience.



One Color

Light neutrals can definitely be interesting. Discover more colors and visit our Color Trend 2017 website.