You’re a proud owner of a cookie cutter, shoebox condo, but you’re a person of drama and passion and quirkiness and…you’re one of a kind, that’s all, and you’d want your condo to be as one-of-a-kind as you are. How hard can it be?

Get Big on Personality

Whether you own a studio or a one-bedroom unit, which usually ranges in size from 18 to 50 sqm, there are ways you can add personality to any space. The most basic way, and the easiest, is to veer away from the usual white, boxy look, and paint the space with colors that appeal to you even if they’re intense. Are you renting the place? No problem. If you want drama, you can very well afford to paint the walls in colors which are more to your taste, because paint is affordable, and also quick and easy.

Dark ≠ Small

There’s this designer tip that says that if you want to make a space look bigger, then use white, or light neutrals. That’s very good advice. But SM Home ventured to prove that even using dark colors doesn’t necessarily mean that you would get a cramped vibe. SM Home assistant vice president for marketing Tom Castaneda said that you can live comfortably without having to feel cooped up. He set himself and his designers up for a challenge by choosing colors from the palette Tradition of Boysen Color Trend 2017.

Inspiration for Condo Living

“Since small condos demand creativity when it comes to optimizing space, SM Home has turned to design experts to help highlight ways to do that through a series of condo-like set-ups, as well as expert-led talks.”

“There’s no shortage of furniture, accessories and small appliances that are designed specifically for condo living,” shares Tom. “SM Home is filled with compact yet stylish and multifunctional pieces that are, what we call, condo perfect!”

The Living Room

The deep and warm but restrained reddish tone of African Herbsman as an accent wall in the living room complement the predominantly light wood tones.

Designer: Ivy Crisostomo

The Bedroom

The cool and earthy quality of Scout’s Honor green in the bedroom is very well complemented by the warm tones of the wood finishes.

Designer: James Razo

The Kitchen

The deep green accent color Scout’s Honor shows that there is no need to be afraid of using deep or bold colors even in small spaces.

Designer: Maya Franco

The Dining Room

Accent color Tribal Teal was used, with some natural colors throughout the interior. The colors, the teal of the dining room and the green of the kitchen, create a cohesion between the two adjacent spaces.

Designer: Erika Uichanco

Go and see the interior set-ups at the Concourse at the Ground Floor of SM Makati. The exhibit will run until September 17. Also, there will be talks this coming weekend from 1 to 6 pm, September 16 to 17, so do drop by.








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