Wised Up Mama


So you were walking inside this ultra-chic store, and your eyes settle on this awesome piece of chair art by Philippe Starck, and you whisper to yourself, “Got to have that.” As you were pulling out your often-used checkbook, voila! … you unexpectedly wake up from your magnificent daydream! Oh well, welcome to your real world of monobloc chairs. Such is the story of not a few of us, wanting to have that extra oomph of branded somethings to elevate our space into one that the next set of titas parading in their Birkin purses would die for. Aspiring for the high-end stuff is one thing, actually acquiring them is something that many of us mere mortals could only dream about. Buying that branded bag, errr…that luxury purse, was something that you just had to do, which now doesn’t leave you much room for finer home decorating. What to do,…